The Power Couple

Yeske Buie in the MediaPosted on April 11th, 20134 Comments

GGU: The Magazine of Golden Gate University just published their Spring issue with the cover story “The Power Couple”, which highlights Dave and Elissa and their team approach to teaching and living. The article takes you on a journey starting with how Dave and Elissa first met and how Yeske Buie evolved, to how this duo used their complementary skill sets to revamp the Cases in Financial Planning capstone class at GGU. It wraps up with a shared appreciation for how the work they do influences the minds and lives of their students and how this continues to inspire them on their mission to evangelize financial planning.

Power Couple

“It is truly one of the most special things, one of our favorite things that we participate in,” Buie says. “We love it. … When you see the transformation of these very well-educated, enthusiastic human beings coming in the front of the class, going out the back end of the class actually getting the magic of financial planning… It’s just beyond imagination.”

“The school,” says Yeske, “attracts motivated students who are open to deep learning and personal transformation and have been a joy to teach. Anyone entering GGU’s financial planning program becomes part of a very special learning community that offers tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Power Couple

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  1. Wally Chaplin says:

    Congratulation for being featured in GGU: The Magazine of Golden Gate.

  2. Catherine Maher says:

    Beauiful pictures, great quotes. All in all, an outstanding honor. I am fortunate to be one of your clients. I wish I shared
    part of your knowledge. As I told Dave once. My deepest interest ( other than Ttresand shrubs of the Lanndscape and The Catholic Church) is Ancient History. A far cry from Fiinancial Planning.
    Cheers to you both for sharing your knowledge with the young people of the Uuniversity, and all off us you touch, even the slow ones, like me. Catherine

  3. Tom Donald says:

    Cheers to you, Dave and Elissa. Great photos and commentary, and well-deserved. Mitzi and I send our best to you both. Tom

  4. Elaine Kelly says:

    Congratulations to you both. But I honestly think this just barely captures the energy that comes of your partnership. Cheers!

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