Ask Elissa and Dave

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We are excited to introduce a new feature to our Digest called “Ask Elissa and Dave”. Interested in learning more about Dave or Elissa as financial planners or as avid travelers? Looking for some clarity on a financial planning topic, the markets, or your portfolio? Curious about Yeske Buie, how we operate, or our company culture?

Share your curiosity with Elissa and Dave and receive an answer to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask! Simply send your question to and stay tuned to future Digest posts for answers. Submissions will be anonymous and no question is off limits (answers may be, but you can ask whatever you want!). We look forward to hearing your questions!


Meet the Team – Lauren Grove

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In your most recent current update, you talked about completing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC and looking forward to running the Fit Foodie 5k. Have you always been interested in running or is running a new hobby of yours?

  • Growing up, I ran, but in the form of playing team sports like soccer and basketball. I started running as more of a hobby in college; I loved running through the gorgeous Virginia Tech campus. The first real race I ran was the 3.2 Run in Remembrance, held every year at Virginia Tech. My interest in half marathons and other races (including 5ks and obstacle races) spiked after graduation. I’ve really enjoyed seeking out and running in these races – I love having an upcoming race as a goal to work towards.

Lauren and her boyfriend, Daniel, at the Fit Foodie 5k.

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of running?

  • Do I have to pick just one?! The health benefits are obviously one of the most rewarding aspects of running. In addition to the physical health benefits, running also provides me with a lot of mental health benefits. For me, running is a good way to meditate and clear my mind. Regardless of my mood or desire to go on a run that day, I always feel much better afterwards. Also, I enjoy having a hobby like running in common with friends and people I meet. It’s nice to have a friend to train with, to be able to hold one another accountable, and to celebrate finishing races together.

Lauren and Daniel overcoming obstacles at the Spartan Race.

What motivates you to run long distance events?

  • That’s easy! First and foremost, the feeling of accomplishment upon crossing the finish line of a race is something that motivates me to keep signing up for and running races of all kinds. I also love the race atmosphere: there’s just something about the excitement, the adrenaline, and the encouragement from both the participants and the crowd that is incredibly motivating for me.

Lauren at the half way point of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

Are you training for any upcoming marathons?

  • For the record, I don’t think I will EVER run a full marathon! Every time I cross the finish line of a half marathon I wonder how marathoners turn around and run it all over again!  However, I have signed up to run the Baltimore Half Marathon in October. I have not begun training yet but have started looking into 12-week training schedules to begin in the coming weeks. I’ve been periodically running when I have the time but most of my time is taken up by studying for the upcoming CFP® exam. Once the exam is done, I will focus on training for the half marathon.

Lauren is ready for any challenge thrown at her during the Spartan Race!

What is the CFP® Exam and how have you been preparing for it?

  • The CFP® Exam is one of three steps required to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM designation (in addition to the education requirement and the two year apprenticeship requirement). It is a 10 hour exam taken over two days. Personally, I have been using the Ken Zahn (Zahn, Inc.) study program which focuses on three to four months of pre-study materials, a four-day in-person live review course (which I attended two weekends ago), and post study materials given at the live review course.

That sounds like a lot of work! What inspires you to pursue becoming a Certified Financial Planner?

  • Not only is taking the exam part of my career path with Yeske Buie and the next logical step to becoming a CFP®, I think it’s also the best way to dive into this profession head first.  I acknowledge that I will always have more to learn about the financial planning profession (and that’s the beauty of it- it never gets boring), but the knowledge I’ve gained in my first year with Yeske Buie and through studying for the exam helps me to continue to grow in my role as an Associate Financial Planner. Every tidbit of information I’ve learned helps me to better serve our clients.

After months of dedicated studying, you deserve to celebrate your hard work! Do you have any plans to reward yourself?

  • Yes! Immediately after the exam I will be flying to Milwaukee to visit family that I haven’t spent time with in quite a while. We will be spending the majority of our long weekend at a nearby lake relaxing. I also have plans to attend the Darius Rucker concert the weekend after the exam. And of course, I will be going for a run; time to get the half marathon training started!

Give Big: Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

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Over the weekend, the Virginia office volunteered at the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation adoption event in Alexandria, VA. The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation (LDCFR) rescues abandoned or displaced dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in over-crowded shelters or other at-risk situations and places them for adoption into loving homes. All animals in the care of LDCRF are spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated prior to adoption and any special medical needs are addressed. Each weekend, an army of volunteers mobilizes to run ten adoption events in the Metro-DC area at PetSmart and PetCo stores. Each volunteer is given a dog to bond with for a few hours with the hopes of finding them a forever home. Our team spent time with eight different dogs, one of which found a home by the end of the day!

Loveit and Puppy

Lauren V. with a Great Pyrenees puppy. She might be small now but she will grow to be 70-100 pounds!

Summar and Hope

Summar bonding with Hope, a Collie/Sheppard blend who was very sweet and friendly.

Group Shot GOOD

Will, Lauren V., Summar, Cristin, Maegan, and Yusuf

Crisin and Yusuf

Cristin & Yusuf with Aunt Bee and Edgar

Cristin walking Bee

Cristin walking Aunt Bee around the store.

Yusuf and Edgar

Yusuf bonding with Edgar, a friendly Border Collie blend.

Summar and Will

Will and Summar with Jupiter and Hope.

Aunt Bee and Edgar

Aunt Bee and Edgar taking a break.

Elissa Receives GGU’s Distinguished Adjunct Professor Award

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On Friday, June 20, 2014 , Golden Gate University (GGU), hosted its annual Adjunct Faculty Recognition Event at the Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco.

“Every year, we honor our adjunct faculty for their dedication and commitment to educating our students. As practicing professionals, they bring their firsthand experiences and knowledge to the classroom, incorporating cutting-edge techniques from the business and legal communities.

Congratulations to the 2014 Distinguished Adjunct Professors:
Elissa Buie, Ageno School of Business
Anthony Kim, Braden School of Taxation
Kenneth Kurtz, School of Accounting
Lori Ostlund, PLUS Program
Chris Clark, Undergraduate Programs”

According to the Golden Gate University faculty guide, an appointment as Distinguished Adjunct Professor is granted to those…

“…individuals so accomplished that their association with GGU substantially enhances its standing as an institution of higher education, and/or individuals whose exemplary non-instructional service to GGU and outstanding performance as teachers over a substantial period of time compel this recognition. The rank is not intended as a means simply for acknowledging longevity of service or the satisfaction of normal performance expectations.”


See more photos on Golden Gate University’s Facebook page

Cristin’s Live Big® Trip

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Cristin recently returned from her three week Live Big® trip to Korea and has many unique stories and pictures from her adventure. Naturally, we wanted to hear everything about the trip upon her return!

Why was this trip on your Live Big® list?

  • Firstly, I have a deep love of travel and learning about different cultures so the opportunity to explore an Asian country was very exciting. Also, my family moved to the Republic of Korea last year and visiting them was a high priority for me.
10 1


What did you learn about the Korean culture?

  • The Korean culture is vastly different from American culture. The Korean culture is centered on the concept of respect. For example, any type of exchange, like money, is done with two hands. It is considered proper practice to look away from an elder when drinking. Korean culture is also very romantic. The current trend is for couples to match outfits from head-to-toe when they’re out together. And, most of the printed materials and art I saw had a theme of love. Koreans love love! Lastly, the Koreans are both very in tune with nature and fitness – almost every public space has workout stations if you have the urge to work on your fitness while enjoying the outdoors.
Seoul Tower 10313997_549456558499023_8704256734083447893_n


What areas/attractions did you visit while you were in Korea?

  • I was able to see a lot in three weeks! The quintessential part of the Korean visit in today’s world is seeing the DMZ, or the Demilitarized Zone at the 38th parallel. I got the opportunity to get an incredible tour of Camp Bonifas, Dorasan station, allowed to walk in one of the infiltration tunnels, view the bridge of no return and Propaganda Village, and finally tour the Panmunjom Joint Security Area (JSA) where we were allowed to tour the meeting room getting a unique opportunity to officially be in South Korea and North Korea in one room.  Another fascinating place we visited was Nami Island. What makes Nami Island special is that it is considered an eco-island – all of the art and sculptures on the island are made from recycled or man-made materials, and there are almost no cars on the island and biking is a joy. We rode the sky bike when we were there, a bike path in the sky to view the beautiful scenery at Nami Island.  Most of my visit centered in Seoul, where I saw several temples, palaces, Seoul tower, and biked along the Han River. My favorite neighborhoods in Seoul, in descending order were: Namdemun, Myeongdong, Insadong and Itaewon. Additionally, for the hard core shoppers, I visited Dongdaemun – a neighborhood with more than 26 shopping malls and 30,000 specialty shops. One street is filled with nothing but shoes, the next street socks, the next toys, etc. Within Dongdaemun I visited Purse Heaven, which is three floors of nothing but purses as far as the eye can see.
10361596_554784201299592_2552306091103957114_n 6


And, what about food?! What were some of your favorite meals while you were in Korea?

  • Korea’s national dish is kimchi – fermented vegetables with a variety of seasonings typically fermented underground in jars for months. The most typical variety is cabbage, and you often receive several varieties of kimchi with each meal that you have. However, of all of the meals (and we had a few!) my favorites were when we ate in tents outside on the street. The tents have metal tables with a hole in the middle and the food is prepared in front of you. When you have Korean BBQ they deliver an array of sides (including kimchi), fresh garlic, soybean paste and both kaenip (a large green leafed herb similar to mint) and red lettuce leaves. You wrap it all up and it is absolutely delicious. Outside of traditional Korean BBQ, bulgogi, bibimbap and topokki meals that I had, the other notable delicious meals I had were all in Itaewon. If you’re ever in Itaewon, I would highly recommend checking out: Braai Republic, for some of the best South African lamb chops; Vatos Urban Tacos for some Mexican Korean fusion, where the kimchi carnitas fries are incredible; and a brand new restaurant called The Glamping, a glamping themed Korean BBQ for a unique dining experience. Incidentally, Koreans love the outdoors, often hiking, biking, and climbing in their free time. If you’re not familiar with glamping, it is glamorous camping or luxury camping – which can get quite elaborate. In Korea, much like parts of the U.S., glamping has become quite the statement and fashionable thing to do.
10374924_553863288058350_7151857843816720428_n 3


Overall, what was your favorite part of the trip?

  • Korea was spectacular. I learned and explored a lot, but nothing beats spending time with family. The world is an absolutely amazing place but it is who you spend all that time with that turns sights, food and experiences into cherished memories. Nothing is better than family. I am so incredibly thankful that I got to spend time with them, and I have special appreciation for my Yeske Buie family who supported me in making this Live Big® goal a reality.
9 5
photo 2

Yusuf and Maegan’s Professional Wedding Photos

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Yusuf and Maegan’s professional wedding photos are in! Take a look at the newlyweds…


Whitehall Manor


Today, two families become one. We ask that you please pick a seat and not a side. Meagan & Yusuf.

Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-75-Y Get Ready-WL

The moment Yusuf realized, “I’m getting married today!”

Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-45-M Get Ready-WL

Getting ready


The Abugideiri Family


The Maerki Family


Yusuf and his dad


Maegan walking down the aisle


You may kiss the bride


We’re married!





Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-260-Wed Party-WL

The Wedding Party


Start of the reception

Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-364-First Dance-WL

First Dance


Cutting the cake



Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-418-Y Dancing-WL

The shenanigans are starting…

Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-476-Y&M Dancing-WL

Mr. and Mrs. on the dance floor

Maegan+Yusuf_Wedding-492-Y Dancing Solo-WL

Everyone’s having a good time…especially Yusuf!


Congratulations Yusuf and Maegan!



Give Big – SF Marin Food Bank

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In continuing our quarterly Give Big campaign, aimed at making a difference in our local communities, Yeske Buie team members have planned or completed their second project this year. While the Vienna office outing will happen shortly and be featured in an upcoming Digest, the San Francisco office volunteered a the SF Marin Food Bank this past Tuesday during the after-work evening shift.

The SF Marin Food Bank’s mission is to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin. They provide 46 million pounds of food to these two areas with more than half of it consisting of fresh produce directly from farms. The amount of produce highlights the Food Bank’s focus on putting nutrition at the forefront of their endeavors. Most families in need have to stretch their dollars to buy food that will fill them up, which means produce can be priced too high to fit their limited budgets. The Food Bank knows that and hopes to fill that gap so their families are getting the nutrition they need. They provide more food to recipients than any other organization, making them the #1 effort in the country. Representatives from other organizations frequently visit the Food Bank to learn how they do things as they set the standard for their industry.

For every $1 donated, the Food Bank (with help from volunteers) can distribute $6 of food. Of the $1, $0.97 goes to programming and the remaining $0.03 goes to overhead expenses. For those of you interested in helping, they have shifts throughout the week that you can sign-up for. There are special shifts for families with 8-year-olds on Saturdays and 4-year-olds on Sundays. Some professions even put on work competitions to encourage participation such as law firms who are involved with “Food From The Bar.”

SF Marin Food Bank WL
Our group leader rallying everyone around our mission for the evening: to pack 10,000 pounds of red, yellow, and green peppers!

Group WL
Team YeBu SF is ready!

JH, JM, and DN WL
The starting line…

Peppers WL
Dorothy knows how to sort for the best ones.

DN Picking WL
Jennifer M. is boxing up the red peppers.

JM Boxing WL
Jen H. is getting the boxes ready to be shipped off.

JH Packing WL
Mission accomplished!!!

Mission Accomplished WL
The volunteers gather for a debrief on the evening.

Group 2 WL
We’re done!


Meet The “NorCal” Team

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Jen H., Jennifer M., Elissa, and Dave (order in photo below) attended the 2014 FPA NorCal Conference held at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA on May 27-28. You can expect to see posts in the coming weeks summarizing some of what we learned at the conference.

The FPA NorCal Conference has been providing advanced educational sessions for members and affiliated financial professionals for over 40 years. It has earned a reputation as one of the country’s best conferences providing high quality, knowledgeable speakers and excellent networking opportunities.

This conference is planned by a volunteer committee of respected financial planners representing the five local Bay Area chapters. Attendees include members from these local chapters in addition to financial advisors from all over the U.S.

'14 NorCal YeBu WL
Jennifer M. was on the conference committee as a Program Co-Chair with Leigh Shimamoto (the chair for the 2015 FPA NorCal Conference) and also served as a Media/Press Liaison. Jennifer and Leigh worked with the committee to ensure the breakout workshop sessions contained a variety of topics relevant to financial planners given by robust and talented speakers.
'14 NorCal Program Co-Chairs WL
One of those speakers was Dave! He presented on the topic, “Policy-Based Financial Planning and Behavioral Finance: Decision Architecture for a Changing World.”
'14 NorCal Dave Pano WL
'14 NorCal Dave Presentation WLElissa represented the Foundation for Financial Planning by accepting a $10K pledge from FPA NorCal as a gift to the recently retired Executive Director of the conference, Brenda Harrington. Fidelity Investments has committed to matching pledges up to $500K to the Foundation, so the gift was worth double!
'14 NorCal EB FFP Pledge WLAs Chair of the Foundation, Elissa also participated on a panel, which consisted of the top leaders in the financial planning profession. The facilitator of the panel, Eric Flett, is to the left of Elissa, and on her right are Jim Johnson of FPA of California, Ray Ferrara of CFP Board, and Janet Stanzak, President of FPA National.
'14 NorCal Leader Panel WL

Congratulations Yusuf and Maegan!

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Yusuf and his fiancé Maegan Maerki were married on Saturday, May 10th at a beautiful ceremony and reception in Bluemont, VA. With family and friends looking on, Yusuf and Maegan exchanged their wedding vows and celebrated the night away as the new Mr. and Mrs.! Below are some photos we took from the event (we’ll feature their professional photos once those are available).

YeBu at the ceremony

YeBu at the ceremony

Yusuf looking on before the ceremony

Yusuf looking on before the ceremony

Yusuf calming down his excited father

Yusuf calming down his excited father

Maegan coming down the aisle

Maegan coming down the aisle

Signing the marriage contract (two witnesses were Yusuf's brother, Mustafa, and Maegan's brother, Chris

Signing the marriage contract (witnesses were Yusuf’s brother, Mustafa, and Maegan’s brother, Chris)



Yusuf leaving the ceremony with his new wife

Yusuf leaving the ceremony with his new wife

The new Mr. and Mrs.!

The new Mr. and Mrs.

Time to start the party!

Time to start the party!

The YeBu (minus Dave and Elissa) table

The YeBu table (minus Dave and Elissa)

We had fun with the coasters

We had fun with the coasters

YeBu with the bride and groom

YeBu with the bride and groom

Give Big

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While giving back to the community has always been a Yeske Buie value, this year we have implemented a campaign for the Yeske Buie Team to volunteer on a quarterly basis called Give Big to make a difference in our local communities.

2nd Annual Extreme Recess: Pizza Making
The Virginia office volunteered on March 15, 2014 with &Pizza and Dreams For Kids for the 2nd Annual Extreme Recess: Pizza Making event. The volunteers helped empower children with physical and mental disabilities by being around their peers and making pizzas to share and eat!

Habitat for Humanity – Habitat Terrace
The California office volunteered on March 1, 2014 at the Habitat for Humanity development, Habitat Terrace in San Francisco, a project to build 28 homes for individuals and families who would otherwise not be able to afford housing.


Jennifer M. putting up gypsum boards


Jen H. putting up a wall


Dorothy transporting plywood


We had a great time!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson