Meet the Team: Zach Bennedsen

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Bennedsen_9665Yeske Buie is pleased to have Zach Bennedsen join our team as a Financial Planning Resident. Zach started with the team in July and has been going through Yeske Buie’s intensive training program nicknamed, Boot Camp. The emphasis on hard work is nothing new to Zach who was an active student at Virginia Tech. Zach graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance where he completed the CFP® Certification Education Track and also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. He served as Vice President of the University’s FPA Chapter in his senior year and was a member of the Spanish Honor Society. Prior to Yeske Buie, Zach served as an intern at SageBroadview Financial Planning in Morristown, New Jersey. His brief stay affirmed his love for financial planning and assured him he had found the right profession. He is captivated by the unique blend of personal skills and technical knowledge that financial planning requires. In this edition of Meet the Team, Zach shares moments from his time at Yeske Buie thus far as well as some goals he has as a Financial Planning Resident.

In your role as Financial Planning Resident, how do you assist Yeske Buie’s Clients?

As a Financial Planning Resident at Yeske Buie, my main role is to act as support for the rest of the Financial Planning team. I help create many of the reports that Clients see on their private pages, take notes during meetings, and generally help the team ensure the Client’s financial planning needs are met.

What has been the most impactful project you’ve accomplished or worked on thus far?

zach-enjoys-a-hike-in-southwestern-virginiaWith the departure of Jen Hicks, the addition of two new residents, and Lauren Grove’s move to the San Francisco office, Yeske Buie had to shuffle a lot of responsibilities around in the past few months. I worked on a project that helped us efficiently reassign this work based on the newest iteration of our team so we can be efficient in serving our Clients. We initially thought this project would take more than a week to complete, but I was able to manipulate excel in such a way that the whole project took a fraction of the time expected. I was particularly proud of my work on this project, as no one else on the team had come up with the idea I used to streamline our process. In the future, I hope to find more opportunities to make Yeske Buie more efficient in serving our Clients.

What aspect of Financial Planning intrigues you the most and why?

For me, it’s the blend of technical skills and interpersonal skills that are required to be a great Financial Planner. You need to be a problem solver while never forgetting that those problems belong to actual people. Being able to address both sides of this coin is what really intrigues me about the profession. At Yeske Buie, I think we do a great job at being aware of this. When you combine an emphasis on Evidence Based Financial Planning® with a worldview like Client Big, you are naturally and elegantly mixing the technical with the interpersonal.

What is your first memory of Financial Planning?

zach-and-his-parents-celebrate-his-graduation-from-virginia-techWhat first comes to mind is a Money Quotient exercise I recently completed, which asked about my first money memory. When I was around eight years old, I began saving for an electric guitar. After a couple months of saving, I grew impatient and decided to buy a different, cheaper guitar. This guitar turned out to be of . . . subpar quality, to put it nicely. I had to start saving all over again, and eventually purchased the guitar I had originally wanted. Through this experience I learned the value of saving towards your goals. That value doesn’t really change whether the thing you’re saving for is a guitar or your retirement nest egg. It’s all about forgoing present consumption for future reward.

What Yeske Buie worldview aligns with you most and why?

Currently, I have to go with Learn Big. Right now in my new role as a Financial Planning Resident at Yeske Buie, I am in a constant state of learning. Between training sessions, studying for the CFP® Exam, and adjusting to life in a new city, I’m being hit with information on all fronts. Not a day goes by where I don’t leave the office with a little more knowledge than I came in with.

What impact do you hope to make at Yeske Buie and in the Financial Planning profession?

zach-at-lake-geneva-switzerland-during-his-study-abroadI hope to graduate from Yeske Buie and leave behind a well-established Residency Program. While the program already has a strong base, it is still growing and changing. I am excited about the opportunity to help shape the program for future residents. In particular, I am excited about helping the next batch of residents grow. Russell, Cody, and Camille have been amazing resources thus far, and I hope to pay forward all of their help. As for myself as a professional, I hope that my time here prepares me for my next steps as a Financial Planner – whatever those might be!  

What is one of your Live Big® goals?

Like many of the other members of the Yeske Buie staff, I absolutely love to travel. One of my Live Big goals is to visit every continent, save Antarctica. So far, I’m only at two (North America and Europe) but I’m hoping to travel to Chile or Argentina in the next couple of years. Additionally, I’d love to take a road trip across the United States, as there is so much of our country that I have yet to see.

Meet the Team: Mila Lavoie

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Lavoie_9724Mila Lavoie joined the Yeske Buie team at the end of June as Project Administrator in our San Francisco office. As Project Administrator, Mila oversees a variety of internal projects and provides support to our growing team in pursuit of our goals. Prior to joining Yeske Buie, Mila worked for Standard Pacific Capital LLC as a Research Assistant to multiple investment analysts. Mila is passionate about being her best self at work every day to provide exquisite service to our team and our Clients. In this edition of Meet the Team, Mila shares the unique strengths she adds to the team and how she has connected with the Yeske Buie culture in her first few months with the team.

In your role as Project Administrator, how do you assist Yeske Buie’s Clients?

As Project Administrator, I assist our Clients on the backend by making sure things in the firm run smoothly. One project I enjoy helping with is managing our ticket program. I help to ensure everyone who wants to go to a game gets to and that the tickets are received on time. I also help greet Clients and make sure they feel comfortable in the office. If a Client calls in, I help answer their question to the best of my ability or help direct them to someone who can answer their question. I also support Elissa and Dave in making sure they have all of the tools they need so that they may assist our Clients on the financial side of things.

What would you say are some of your biggest strengths in your role as Project Administrator?

I would say that my organization and the way that I choose to tackle things is one of my biggest strengths. My previous job was at a hedge fund company which is a very fast paced industry as you’re always racing the market. From this, I learned to have the mentality to work efficiently so no one is waiting for you. Also from my background in being a dancer, I want to be my best all the time. As a dancer, you never think, “no, I’ll wait to practice”. Rather, you are constantly improving to be your best. This is a mentality that I bring to Yeske Buie which encourages me to get my work done to the best of my ability.

What has surprised you most about working with Yeske Buie?

ml-interview_ml-and-casee-jones-on-a-hike-behind-our-houseIn my first few months at Yeske Buie, the training and the communication at the firm have surprised me the most – and both of those I am in love with! The training is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and it is similar to teaching ballet to a student: instead of a syllabus, there is a schedule and there is no waste of time because everything has been laid out perfectly. I’ve also loved how everyone has been so available. Also, the communication that goes on internally between employees and externally to Clients is really important. I like that the firm has an open line of communication regarding what I can do better and what I’m doing well. I had what I thought was good communication prior to joining the team and coming to Yeske Buie, I realize this is what communication should be. I love that the team works on communication intentionally and it happened to be something I was trying to work on actively in my personal life. Both the training and the communication give me the tools to be successful in the office, but they can also be applied at home, as well.

What do you think those outside of Yeske Buie should know about the firm?

I feel that people outside of Yeske Buie should know about how serious we are about the way that we take care of our Clients and the way that we serve them. We value having a genuine relationship with our Clients and I feel that makes the Client feel very special. We emphasize the little things that remind Clients how much we know about them or want to know about them. We approach our work in a way that’s not just giving a Client financial advice, but rather we have a relationship. And our goal is for our Client to think they’re not just paying us to do something for them but we hope they know we care about them. Similarly, the relationships between individuals in the firm are just as meaningful as the relationships with our Clients. Overall, we place a lot of value on genuine relationships in the firm.

What Yeske Buie worldview resonates with you most and why?

ml-interview_ml-and-casee-jones-under-santa-monica-pierHonestly, they all resonate with me because I think they’re all great things to live by. I feel that learning is important, servicing our Clients and anyone you care about is important, and Being Big and being the best version of yourself is important. The one worldview I strive towards aligning with more is Live Big. Being a young adult in the Bay Area, everything is quite expensive and the work environment is go-go-go which means there’s not as much time to Live Big and achieve my personal goals like traveling and remodeling. As I strive towards living big, I have a “vision board” in my head that includes being a mom, travelling and getting around South America and Europe, and more! I love that Yeske Buie encourages people to Live Big and I hope to embody that and achieve my goals.

What is one of your Live Big® goals?

My primary Live Big® goal is to travel. I traveled a lot across the United States and Canada for dance which was fun, but when you’re dancing, you’re also working 12 hours a day so you don’t have time to spend touring the cities. Internationally, I want to travel up and down both coasts of South America to experience all of the different cultures, the food, and learn about the way people live. And eventually, I hope to travel over to Europe – I don’t have a specific list of countries I want to see, I just want to see all of them!

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

When I’m not working, I love being outdoors and outside of the city of San Francisco. My favorite place to go is the beach – this summer alone I’ve gone 15-20 times and you can always find me in the water no matter if it’s cold or hot. I also love spending time with my dog, Casee Jones, who’s always with me. Recently, I’ve enjoyed being inside and working on a remodel for the in-law unit at my home which has taken a lot more time than I expected! For the past month, I’ve spent more time inside with paint chips and trips to Home Depot and Ikea than outside. In your head, you plan to do one section and complete it quickly but it’s much more than that. However, the work is absolutely worth it because you make your space feel like your home.

My Voice is My Password

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Written By: Lauren Vitt, RP®

Password SecuritySchwab has recently introduced a new voice ID service to verify your identity when using Schwab’s automated phone service or speaking with a Schwab financial professional. Replacing PINs and personal questions, the new service uses your voice as a secure password to direct you to an agent. Just like your fingerprint, your voice has unique characteristics including sound, pattern, pitch, rhythm, accent, and more. As a result, it is nearly impossible to replicate someone’s voice, making voice ID a very secure method of personal identification.

The digital phrase to identify yourself is simple: “At Schwab, my voice is my password”. Should you choose to enroll your accounts, Schwab will store a digital recording of your voice using their exclusive software. The software reviews dozens of voice characteristics to accurately identify yourself – even if you have a cold! – and will only work with Schwab’s system. In the rare event that you ran into problems with the voice ID service, Schwab can always authenticate you with other security methods.

To enroll your accounts with Schwab’s voice ID service, simply follow the four easy steps below.

  1. Call 800-515-2157 to begin the process.
  2. You will be asked to repeat the phrase “At Schwab, my voice is my password” several times with the automated phone system.
  3. After recording, you will speak with a Schwab financial professional to verify your identity.
  4. Upon completion of the call, activate your voice ID on

As always, the Yeske Buie team is always available to answer questions or assist in any way possible; please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The Best of Far West

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Written By: Zach Bennedsen and Ryan Klemm

As has become an annual event, the Yeske Buie Financial Planning Team (Dave Yeske, Elissa Buie, Yusuf AbugideiriJennifer Hicks, Lauren Grove, Russell Kroeger, Camille Bouvet, Cody Daniels, Zach Bennedsen, and Ryan Klemm) once again attended the Far West Roundup in Santa Cruz, California. At Far West Roundup, some of the brightest minds in the profession meet up on the campus of UC Santa Cruz every year to discuss any and all topics related to financial planning. 

2016-08-13 FWR Group (002)For the seventh time, Dave Yeske served as sheriff for the weekend. Normally, the sheriff is charged with opening up the conference by posing a question to all attendees. However, this duty had to be passed off due to some unfortunate automotive problems. Not to be slowed down, Dave communicated his question to the attendees remotely (aren’t cell phones great?) and the rest of us tried to tackle the question of how to get millennials involved in the planning profession. While the sheriff’s question resonated with the attendees throughout the weekend, the individual sessions covered a variety of topics and the learnings will remain for months to come. Below we share a summary of these sessions and the team’s thoughts on their practical applications.

Things My Mother (Nor Anyone Else) Never Told Me About Estate Planning – by Ray Sheffield

Ray SheffieldRay provided insight into the extremely complicated process known as estate planning. He explored alternatives to trust structure that will ultimately simplify the trust itself while being very     beneficial to the Client. He touched on strategies that advisors currently use that have become outdated, and substituted options to provide value. The Yeske Buie financial planning team found Ray’s educational presentation very informative as we are constantly striving to add the most value to our Clients’ estate planning. Ryan Klemm provided a statement regarding what he took away from the presentation: “I think educational presentations like this are extremely important to the thoroughness of continuing education, especially with offices on opposite coasts, in determining the best planning strategies that can add value to Clients no matter where they reside.”

Whoever says he knows all that one needs to know about ____ in China is either a fool or a liar – by Tim Kochis

2016-08-12 FWR Tim KochisDid you know that China has more CFP® Certificants than any other country in the world? Or that the household savings rate in China (about 50%) blows away the savings rate in the United States? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone. Tim Kochis’ presentation on China’s financial future and past opened eyes for everyone in the room. The owner of one such set of eyes was Yusuf Abugideiri, who said, “It was refreshing to listen to Tim’s description of China’s history and see how he used that to frame the discussion about what to expect from the Chinese economy over the next decade or two. His perspective, as someone who has traveled to the country over 30 times in his life, was insightful and helped me reframe my understanding of how their economy is evolving.”

CFPB: An In-Depth Look at Advocacy, Services and Resources – by Pam McClelland

Pam McCellandPam’s presentation stressed the importance of financial protection in today’s reliance on technology as well as the education that advisors are able to provide to enhance their Clients’ safety. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s focus is to establish an easy and effective way to report fraud or other deceptive financial acts that occur in the Client’s life and to provide action to resolve the issue and make sure steps have been implemented for it not to happen again. The CFPB achieves action through the process of empowerment, enforcement and education. Pam shared in-depth diagrams to show the different bureaus and advocacy organizations that work tirelessly to fight against financial breach and informed us of the framework that acts as a regulatory piece to the industry itself. Jennifer Hicks provided a comment on what the presentation meant to her: “While I enjoyed all the sessions at Far West Roundup, Pam McClelland’s session about the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau was one of my most favorite. She explained the tools, resources and initiatives that the CFPB is pursuing, which was not only inspiring, but also relevant to the work I have done for Financial Planning Days.”

Become a Superhuman Financial Planner: Strengthen Your ESP and Fight off Your Personal Kryptonite – by Amy Mullen

2016-08-12 FWR Amy MullenDuring Amy Mullen’s presentation, she discussed our ability to frame financial decisions and clear the path for Clients to move forward confidently. She addressed the value of understanding, from the Client’s perspective, the questions “where are you now? Where do you want to be? And what are you willing to do to get there?” – knowing that trade-offs are inherent in every actionable decision. Variations of this quote float around, but it was especially powerful for our team during this Far West Roundup because it represented a challenge for our individual and professional development as we aspire to add value to our Clients and the financial planning profession. It presents the question, as a financial planner, how are we able to add value at this time? What contribution do we wish to make in the future? And what effort is necessary to achieve that dream? Financial Planning Team member, Russell Kroeger, provided a truly representative quote when sharing, “Opportunities like Roundup are always empowering and provide experiences that help our team personify our BIGS (worldviews).

Life Insurance as an Asset Class? – by Richard Weber

Dick WeberEver wonder how your life insurance agent comes up with a price for your policies? No? Well that’s ok, because Dick Weber is wondering for you. As an insurance fiduciary, Dick helps Clients find the best insurance solutions for their goals, and makes no commission in the process. Very astutely, Dick pointed out that when a Client cannot otherwise differentiate value in a product, he or she defaults to making a choice based on price. Dick shared his insights into how someone can evaluate the details of their insurance policy, and walk away feeling good about their choice.

Planning for Cross Border Families –The U.S. Doesn’t Always Play Nice! – by Andrew Fisher

2016-08-13 FWR Andrew FisherIt has never been easier to live a global life, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually easy. Particularly difficult is the prospect of managing your financial life across multiple countries. From taxes to retirement accounts to real estate, having border-spanning financial obligations is the reality for many. Andrew Fisher eloquently described some of the challenges this entails, and offered up solutions that he employs. Andrew warned that attendees might leave the session with more questions than they had when they started, and this was certainly the case for many. However, the questions spawned allowed advisors to have more intelligent conversations about the unique situations that cross border families face.

From Personality to Saving Behavior: Bridging the Savings Gap – by Sarah Asebedo

Sarah AsebedoIt was great to see Sarah present at Far West Roundup, as she was a professor for a few of our Residents! Sarah explored the discussion between the association of personality and the financial habits that an individual exhibits. As the title of the presentation states, she “bridged the gap” between emotion and money. The main take-away from the presentation was the importance of how an advisor, using a Client’s connection between emotion and money, can utilize their strengths as well as recognize their weaknesses and in return provide an opportunity for growth. Sarah is breaking into “uncharted waters” with her research and it was very rewarding to see the impact that positive psychology and behavioral traits can have on a Client’s financial well-being. Camille Bouvet found the presentation exceptionally interesting and provided a thought: “Not only was her research eye-opening and applicable to everyone saving for retirement, but as my former college professor, Dr. Asebedo inspired me to continue pushing the envelope and seeking out research opportunities in the evolving financial planning field.”

Financial Planning in the Midst of Divorce – by Mark Prendergast

2016-08-13 FWR Mark PrendergastMark’s presentation stressed the importance of a financial advisor’s role during the divorce process. He explained the thoroughness needed to allow Clients to focus on the emotional situation at hand, knowing that the stress of finances are being taken care of. This is a situation where the relationship that exists between an advisor and their Client is tested and Mark provided advice on how advisors can lessen some of the burden that is inherent through a divorce. Through an interactive discussion with the conference attendees, Mark stressed the importance that an advisor has the ability to add value to both husband and wife without a conflict of interest and how to do so. Mark has created a niche in the financial planning industry through specializing in divorce planning and each team member walked away with valuable information.

Cultural Intelligence: Different Values & Behaviors in Financial Planning – by Stephanie Lee

Stephanie LeeAfter multiple sessions that nodded towards the global nature of our profession, Stephanie addressed that nature head on. In a light-hearted but very informative session, Stephanie spoke on some of the differences that make every culture so unique and wonderful. The thorn to this rose is that when we interact with someone from another culture, we may not be effective communicators. Worse yet, we may say or do something that is unintentionally offensive! Stephanie shared communicative idiosyncrasies from around the globe, highlighting some of the cross-cultural faux pas one should try to avoid. Cody Daniels succinctly summed up how this presentation tied into financial planning, stating “As a financial planner you have the opportunity to work with Clients of various backgrounds and cultures. . . . This presentation was interesting to me because it helped me understand in better detail the “cultural themes” that every community has. Knowing these themes allows advisors to better communicate with their Clients and implement the financial plan.”

While the team has since returned to their respective offices, the knowledge gained during our weekend in Santa Cruz will remain. We look forward to using some of the ideas discussed to help better serve all of our Clients.

Welcome Aboard!

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Written By: Lauren Vitt, RP®

2016-07-14 ML ZB RY Welcome Aboard 1Yeske Buie is excited to welcome three new additions to our team – Mila Lavoie, Zach Bennedsen, and Ryan Klemm! Mila Lavoie will be working in our San Francisco office as Project Administrator, helping with daily office operations as well as ad hoc internal projects to support her colleagues and the firm. Zach Bennedsen and Ryan Klemm join us as our third class of Financial Planning Residents and will work in our San Francisco and Vienna offices, respectively. Our Financial Planning Resident Program, fashioned after a Medical Residency at a teaching hospital, is designed to help leverage our Financial Planning team and to contribute to the pipeline of new planners entering the financial planning profession.

While the new team members have worked at the firm for only two weeks, they have fully embraced Yeske Buie’s worldviews and culture and are enthusiastic for all that is to come. Zach shared that during his time as a Financial Planning Resident, he is most looking forward to Learning Big! Zach says, “One of Yeske Buie’s values is Learn Big, and I’m looking forward to doing just that. What I’m most excited for is the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the financial planning profession. Elissa, Dave, and the rest of the team are incredible resources, and I plan on soaking up as much knowledge as I can.” Similarly, Ryan is looking forward to embracing both our Learn Big and Client Big values. He shares, “I am looking forward to developing meaningful relationships with the Clients of Yeske Buie, while at the same time, being able to learn about the logistics of how a Financial Planning firm runs its daily operations. I am also very excited that this opportunity gives me the chance to absorb the wealth of knowledge and experience that each employee at Yeske Buie exemplifies.”

As a member of the operations and support team, Mila is focusing on Yeske Buie’s Be Big worldview to help contribute to the living system of the firm. Mila shares, “I believe the biggest strength that I will bring to the Yeske Buie team is my diverse employment background. I started in the arts, first as a professional ballet dancer and then as a ballet teacher, and then made the transition into the finance world as a research assistant at a hedge fund company. These experiences will help me as I work to keep things running smoothly on the support side of Yeske Buie. I am looking forward to supporting the entire team in making our Client’s experience the best it can be!”

Be sure to stay tuned to future Digest posts to learn more about our new team members in upcoming Meet the Team features!

FPA Advocacy Day on The Hill

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Last week, Dave attended the Financial Planning Association’s 3rd Annual Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. FPA® Advocacy Day provides members and leaders of FPA with the opportunity to introduce federal policymakers to the association and the profession and talk with them about issues that are important to CFP® practitioners.


Advocacy Day kicks off with FPA Members.

Throughout the day, Dave met with Senator Barbara Boxer’s Legislative Assistant Jackson Droney, Representative Jackie Speier’s Legislative Director Justin Vogt, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Legislative Aid Ellen Freedman, and Nancy Pelosi’s Policy Advisor Adela Amador.


Dave waits to meet Senator Barbara Boxer’s Legislative Assistant Jackson Droney.


Dave had a great meeting with Nancy Pelosi’s Policy Advisor Adela Amador.

Among the talking points for their Congressional visits were requests for members to reject H. J. R. (House Joint Resolution) 88, which was a bill designed to stop the DOL from implementing its new fiduciary rule that applies to those giving financial advice with respect to retirement accounts. President Obama had vetoed the bill and the House was going to vote again to overcome the veto (with almost no chance of success).


Dave visited Representative Jackie Speier’s Legislative Director Justin Vogt.


Dave before his meeting with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Legislative Aid Ellen Freedman.

They also discussed Section 913 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which charges the SEC with carrying out a study and making recommendations as to whether the fiduciary standard should be extended to all retail advisory relationships. Most especially, this would potentially require that those working for Broker/Dealers, currently subject to the much lower “suitability” standard would be required to act under a fiduciary standard (as Registered Investment Advisors like Yeske Buie already do). FPA and the Financial Planning Coalition are very much in favor. As it is, all CFP® professionals, when giving financial planning advice, are already required to operate under that standard.

Yusuf Abugideiri Named One of InvestmentNews’ 40 Under 40

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VIENNA, Va., June 27, 2016/PRNewswire/ — Yeske Buie is pleased to announce that Abugideiri_5999Yusuf Abugideiri has been named to InvestmentNews’ 40 Under 40 list for 2016. The goal of this list is to recognize members of the financial advisory industry who are under 40 years of age and have changed the industry for the better. InvestmentNews reviewed over 800 nominations from industry peers and selected finalists based on personal accomplishment, contribution to the industry, leadership and future promise. Yusuf was also selected as one of five nominees to be featured on the cover of this week’s issue of InvestmentNews.

This year, the tagline for the listing is “The Power of Personality.” With this theme, all 40 nominees were asked to take a personality test to identify what it is about the nominee that makes them stand out. Based on the nominee’s answers, each earned an archetype such as The Maestro, The Guardian, The Editor-in-Chief, or The Victor. Yusuf received the archetype, The Talent. When asked if he agreed with this assessment, Yusuf said, “Yes, I believe I do my best work when I’m able to use my passion to empower and encourage others to achieve.” Yusuf’s archetype is displayed playfully in this week’s issue of InvestmentNews as he poses with a microphone in his photo.

40-under-40-for-winners'-use[1]InvestmentNews also asked each nominee to express what they feel makes them stand out from their peers to be recognized as one of the 40 Under 40. Yusuf shared, “I have a passion for development. I feel most fulfilled when I am able to use my experiences to relate to others, connect with them, and then help them make progress on their journey towards wherever they’re headed.” In addition, Yusuf acknowledged his appreciation for those in the industry who help encourage younger professionals like him and his peers who made the list. “I am inspired by how willing the more experienced generation of advisers has been to share their experiences in building this profession. This reminds me to never forget that all of the good things in my life can be traced back to decisions I made in service of others and motivates me to always put forth my best effort.”

You can find Yusuf’s profile, photos, and video interviews on InvestmentNews’ webpage dedicated to the 40 Under 40 project.

Yusuf has been a Financial Planner at Yeske Buie for six years and is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®). He is a member of FPA’s NexGen community and is a graduate of FPA’s Residency Program. Yusuf has served on the Financial Planning Day and Career Day committees through FPA’s National Capital Area chapter and is currently serving on the chapter’s board as the Director of PR, Media Relations and Communications. He is co-chair of the Recent Alumni Board of the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech and visits campus frequently to speak in financial planning classes.

Learn more about Yusuf and Yeske Buie at

Yeske Buie Retreat: Refining and Aligning

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Last week, the Yeske Buie team from both offices gathered for our semi-annual staff retreat in Hume, Virginia. The team spent the retreat not only enjoying our time together, but also working on communication exercises and ensuring total alignment of personal and professional actions with our values and worldviews.

Last Fall, the team focused on solidifying our worldviews and core beliefs which resulted in the formation of what we call, the BIGs. This year, we worked to sow these BIG ‘seeds’ so that they may continue to grow our culture and guide how we approach our work for our Clients. To do this, we engaged in exercises that involved giving each other endearing appreciation, learning about seven atypical characteristics of exquisite communication, embracing our strong alignments and vulnerably sharing our misalignments with regards to our values, and addressing a plan to correct firm-wide misalignments in the areas of inconsistency, communication, and education.

The deliberate work we completed during the day was balanced out by equally essential leisure time. The team took full advantage of our time together by enjoying many meals, fun games, and playful downtime throughout the week. As always, the week ended with our Open House in the Virginia office which featured delicious food from Purple Onion Catering and beautiful live music. We hope you enjoy the following pictures from our week in rural Virginia.

Yeske Buie Worldviews and Core Beliefs

The BIGs - Updated

1 - The Main House

Our home for the week, beautiful Marriott Ranch.

2 - Alter to honor those who need our thoughts and prayers

Our altar to honor those in need of thoughts & prayers.

3 - Group with Bigs

The group discusses the stories behind our worldviews as we look to identify alignments and misalignments.


Jen, Victoria, and Yusuf list our behaviors that are in alignment with two of our worldviews.

5 - Enjoying a Meal

Throughout the week, the team fully embraced one of our unofficial values: Eat Big! Here we enjoy one of our delicious daily meals.


We were fortunate to have perfect weather throughout the week and enjoy time together on the ranch porch.

7 - Group Playing Blockus

After a full day of training and exercises, the group engages in friendly competition over a game of Blockus.

8 - VH, EB, ZB, JH Plaing Game

When the sun set, we took our fun outside playing games, listening to music, and making s’mores around the fire.

10 - Group on Stairs

The entire Yeske Buie team poses for a photo on the manor staircase.

Honoring Ceremony

On the final day of the retreat, we released our thoughts and prayers through a burning ceremony.

11 - EB and DY at Open House

Dave and Elissa at our Open House.

12 - YA and RY

Yusuf and Ryan greet our Open House guests.

13 - JH and LG at Open House

Lauren G. and Jen at our Open House.

14 - LV, LG, CB at Open House

Lauren V., Lauren G., and Camille at our Open House.

Yeske Buie Learns Big at FPA NorCal

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This week, members of our Financial Planning Team in San Francisco attended the Financial Planning Association’s NorCal Conference. The conference has a national reputation for hosting knowledgeable and inspirational speakers and provides quality networking opportunities for those financial professionals who choose to attend.

Group Shot

Members of Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Team pose at the FPA NorCal Conference. From left to right is Camille Bouvet, Russell Kroeger, Sabina Smailhodzic, Dave Yeske, Jennifer Hicks and Cody Daniels.

Among the group of experienced speakers was Dr. Dave Yeske who gave a joint presentation with fellow CFP® Jonathan Guyton titled ‘Human to Analytical Side: Tools to Carry Clients through a Long Retirement’. Dave and Jon shared their thoughts about the challenges and importance of creating robust, resilient retirement portfolios and managing them to meet Clients’ needs over the course of a long retirement.


Dr. Dave Yeske and Jonathan Guyton present at FPA NorCal 2016.

Including Dave and Jon’s presentation, the conference was home to nearly forty different speaker presentations. Our team members, always eager to Learn Big, attended a wide variety of presentations and have shared their thoughts and learning moments from their experiences. Notably, each of our five conference attendees selected different sessions as their favorites which speaks highly to the diversity and the quality of the conference speakers. Furthermore, most of the insights the team shared can be implemented immediately into their daily lives which is, of course, the ultimate goal of attending a conference of this nature.

Sabina Smailhodzic who will soon be graduating from Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Resident Program, noted that her favorite presentation was by Kate Holmes titled ‘How to Add Value, Reduce Expenses, and Expand Your Client Base by Adopting Virtual Aspects’. “As someone who aspires to own a virtual financial planning firm,” Sabina said, “I found this presentation very inspiring and informative. I left the presentation with a long list of items to research and add to my knowledge bank.”


Sabina, Russell, and Jen are ready for the start of a presentation at FPA NorCal.

Cody Daniels found it challenging to select just one presentation as his favorite! One of the quotes that resonated the most with Cody came from Dan Ariely’s keynote presentation titled ‘Advanced Hindsight: The Psychology of Money’. During the presentation, Dan said, “Maybe we need to do a bit more than provide information, and get more into people’s lives.” For Cody, he really “loved how Dan’s presentation went beyond “what” financial planners do, and brilliantly shared the “why”. Cody, and many other attendees, also enjoyed Annette Brinton’s presentation on “Mining the Tax Return for Planning Gems” which, as seen in the picture below, was packed with planners eager to learn.

CD NorCal Pic

The room was full for Annette Brinton’s presentation on mining tax returns.

Jennifer Hicks, who was attending her fifth NorCal Conference, selected ‘Communication and Framework’ presented by Ross Levin as her favorite session. Ross spoke about successful relationships and how financial planners can communicate in a way that builds strong connections. He elaborated on how planners must be willing and able to talk openly, feel deeply, and think clearly in order to succeed. Jen was captivated by the session from the beginning as Ross opened with the following poem in order to set the tone:

May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more.

-John O’Donohue “A Morning Offering”


Jen takes notes as she watches a presentation.

Camille Bouvet found Craig Watanabe session on Cyber Security to be the most interesting breakout session as her learnings can be applied immediately to her personal and professional life. Camille plans to pursue additional research regarding Craig’s suggestion for using password managers as a secure way to keep track of our never-ending number of complex passwords. This research and suggestion aligns perfectly with the work Camille is doing on a project for Yeske Buie focused on our fraud policies.


Camille watches attentively during a speaker presentation.

Following the conclusion of the two day conference, the FPA NexGen community hosted a reception to connect with engaged and passionate, like-minded individuals to advance the NexGen movement. As Co-Directors of NexGen for the San Francisco FPA Chapter, Yeske Buie’s own Russell Kroeger and Jennifer Hicks coordinated and hosted the reception which proved to be a great success! Russell shared his appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the NexGen Reception saying, “It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded young professionals in a collaborative environment where we are all able to learn from and encourage one another. It’s really special to see how invested the profession is in facilitating the development of the next generation of financial planners!”

IMG_0122 SS at reception

Changes to Schwab’s Statement Schedule

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This August, Schwab will implement a new statement schedule which will change the frequency of statement delivery. Starting with July 2016 statements (which would be received in early August), Schwab will only send monthly statements for accounts with “qualifying activity” in that month; accounts that do not have qualifying activity will receive statements on a quarterly basis. Schwab defines qualifying activity as transactions including deposits, withdrawals, trades settling within the statement month, and stock dividend distributions and re-investments. This change applies to both paper and electronic statements. You will receive a notice similar to the picture below in your May and June account statements informing you of this policy change.

Yeske Buie will continue to post monthly reports to your Client Private Page® where you can access your account balances and performance information. If you have any questions about your Client Private Page, please feel free to contact Victoria Harrell and she will assist you promptly. Additionally, if you would like to continue to receive monthly Schwab statements for accounts without qualifying activity, please contact and she will contact our service team to make the request.

Schwab Notice_Page_1
Schwab Notice_Page_2

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson