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Each year around this time, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has unfolded. In this final 2018 edition of the Digest, we share a collection of some of our most popular posts from TheLiveBigWay® Digest this year. We hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading!) these pieces and we wish you and yours a restful New Year’s break and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Economy and Investing Posts

1.What is Bitcoin actually Worth? 2. Hello volatility my old friend… 3. The Correct Way to Think About Corrections 4. What the Stock and Bond Markets are Telling Us

5. Defining the “Perfect Investment”


  1. We share what we feel is a great explanation from The Unassuming Banker of why Bitcoin, whatever its market value, has zero intrinsic value. Plus a very funny video.
  2. As was surely inevitable, volatility returned to the markets after an historically quiescent couple of years. What should we make of this and what, if anything, should we do?
  3. While the concept of a “correction” has no formal definition in economics, it is commonly used when a stock or market falls by 10%. There have been 37 corrections since 1980, which is to say that they’re pretty common. You know that we believe in the fundamental resilience of the economy, even in the face of uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a bumpy ride.
  4. While we never really know what the markets are telling us, we can harness economic theory to tell us what “might” be going on.
  5. What defines a “perfect” investment? We share our thoughts on judging an investment and building a portfolio that fits an individual’s needs “perfectly”.


Financial Planning Posts

1. The Science of Spending 2. Beyond the Crypto Craze 3. Get More from Your Credit Score 4. Sailing the Financial Seas 5. What is Your Retirement Vision


  1. What if there was a way to increase your happiness and satisfaction without much work, energy, or effort? The emerging field of positive psychology says we can!
  2. Hardly a day went by in 2018 where we didn’t see headlines about Bitcoin, the rise of cryptocurrencies, and the emerging technologies fueling the craze. Here’s our take on the crypto-craze.
  3. We breakdown the composition of a credit score and share some simple ways you can get more from your score.
  4. We explore the research behind human behavior in the face of uncertainty and how we at Yeske Buie look to be your experienced sea captain during trying times.
  5. Without properly preparing for retirement, you set yourself up to “quit” your 30+ year routine cold turkey. We share three important questions to keep in mind as you plan for retirement.


Firm News and Events Posts

1. It’s a Boy!  2. Congratulations to Yeske Buie’s Newest CFPs! 3. Yeske Buie’s 2018 Retreat: Boulder, CO 4. Elissa and Dave’s Live Big Safari

5. Yeske Buie Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary!


  1. Yusuf Abugideiri and his wife Maegan gave us the honor of introducing you to their new addition, baby Noah Ali Abugideiri. See how much Noah has grown in the last year!
  2. Ryan Klemm and Zach Bennedsen officially earned the CFP® Certification this year! Hear from Zach and Ryan about their individual journeys in working to become a CFP.
  3. We invite you to re-live Yeske Buie’s 2018 Annual Staff Retreat in Boulder, CO via a 4 minute audio and visual presentation.
  4. Elissa and Dave enjoyed a three-week Live Big trip to Africa this August. While they were away, the rest of the Yeske Buie team ran the office to ensure that our care for our Clients didn’t skip a beat. Here we share a small gallery of photos from their trip.
  5. In celebration of Yeske Buie’s 10th Anniversary, we’ve compiled a timeline of photos that shows the evolution of our team and major milestones.


Yeske Buie in the Media Posts

1. Elissa Buie Recognized by Washingtonian Magazine 2. Cash Back Considerations 3. A Close Bond? 4. The Gift of Planning 5. The Financial Planning Success Series


  1. Elissa Buie was recognized again as one of the area’s best fee-only financial planners as part of Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Wealth Advisors for 2018.
  2. Lauren Stansell shared her thoughts with on cash back cards and the considerations to evaluate when making the decision of which cash back option is most suitable for you.
  3. Dr. Dave Yeske shared his opinion on bonds with CNBC for an article in which they claimed that bond funds were “America’s favorite investment.”
  4. Yeske Buie has long supported the Foundation for Financial Planning, who connected us with a young family in need of financial planning after the husband was diagnosed with cancer. Our experience in working with them is one we’ll always remember.
  5. Always willing to share with others in pursuit of growing the profession, Elissa and Dave are very proud to have been part of Ed and Jody Jacobson’s Financial Planning Success Series, an online collection of wisdom, tips, and strategies from 30 leading experts.


Cybersecurity Posts

1. Monitoring, Alerting, Locking, or Freezing 2. Cyber Spring Cleaning 3. The Ins and Outs of Identity Theft 4. Protecting Your Digital Identity 5. Don’t Fall for the Imposter


  1. Monitoring, Alerting, Locking, or Freezing: What to do after the Equifax (or any other) breach.
  2. When is the last time you “scrubbed” your digital life? We offer a cyber spring cleaning checklist to add to your other spring cleaning initiatives.
  3. We share information from industry experts on the ways phishers can steal your information and what you can do to make yourself a less attractive target.
  4. We share our thoughts on the importance of social media identity monitoring and IdentityForce’s new feature that can help protect your digital identity.
  5. According to the Federal Trade Commission, complaints of imposter scams are on the rise. Read on and arm yourself with the knowledge of current imposter scam.


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