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The Financial Planning Team Enjoys FPA Far West Round Up

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The Yeske Buie Financial Planning Team attended the 2015 Far West Round-Up Conference on the UC Santa Cruz campus from Thursday August 13 to Sunday August 16. The team has been attending this informal, retreat-style gathering of financial planners for several years now with Dave serving his sixth term as Sheriff. The intimate environment creates a comfortable space for dedicated practitioners to engage in thought-provoking discussion and invite guests to speak to the energetic group. Lauren Grove sums up the reason we love attending this gathering every year:

“It’s a great learning opportunity with impressive speakers and engaging, actionable topics each year. It’s also a fun and casual atmosphere! We sleep in the UCSC dorm rooms and share snacks and conversations on the quad each evening. It’s a great time for team bonding with both the San Francisco and Virginia teams together in one setting!”

We were appreciative of the variety of presentations arranged for the conference as we had the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics such as disability benefits, impact investing, and getting in touch with our future selves to save more for retirement. We also had a unique opportunity to welcome CFP® Board CEO Kevin Keller and Chair of the Board of Directors, Rich Rojek, to speak to our group and answer questions. We will be sharing some of the insights gleaned from the conference in the next Digest but for now, we hope you enjoy some of the photos from the event.


Beautiful Santa Cruz, the host of 2015 FPA Far West Round Up.

DY Intro Session

Dave giving his thoughts on the first day at the introduction section.


The Yeske Buie Financial Planning Team minus Elissa and Dave.


Dave and fellow friend and financial planner, Jon Guyton, discuss safe withdrawal rates and spending policies.


Elissa discussing her thoughts on the session with Russell, Cody, and Yusuf.

Kevin Keller and Rich Rojek

Kevin Keller (left) CEO of the CFP® board and Rich Rojek (right), Chair of the Board of Directors of the CFP® Board share the Board’s latest projects.

CD, YA, RK listening to Dick Power

Cody, Yusuf, and Russell learn about pro-bono military initiatives from Dick Power, CFP®.

Financial Planning Team

The Yeske Buie Financial Planning Team.


Climbing the Family Tree

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Family DesignWhen meeting with clients, we explore their personal history by asking questions like the following:*

  • Tell us about your family during the years you were growing up.
  • When you were growing up, your mother taught you that money was . . .
  • When you were growing up, your father taught you that money was . . .
  • As a child, what was the most important lesson you learned about money?

In addition to looking back at their personal history, we also look forward to the legacy that clients would like to leave behind. What we learn is always focused on the important people in their lives, including children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and god children. And almost invariably, it is about far more than money, encompassing also the memories they hope to leave their loved ones and the values they hope to impart.

All of which makes us think about our own families and the legacy we have received and hope to bequeath. At Yeske Buie, we took the time to go through the exercise of completing our family trees, which led us to reflect upon the lessons we learned from loved ones past and present. Today, we share the family trees from a variety of our team members. Despite having a “template”, it’s interesting to note that no two trees look alike – some are more detailed while others are simple; some follow the traditional family tree format while others are more artsy. We have also included a blank template that you can print out and complete for yourself. We find that this is a fun exercise to do anytime, but especially around the holidays when many are visiting family.

We hope you find our family trees enjoyable, and we look forward to receiving a copy of your family tree, as well!

The presentation can be made larger by clicking in the lower right hand corner.

Click the arrows at the bottom of the presentation to view each family tree.



* courtesy Money Quotient

Introduction to DocuSign® for Electronic Signature and Approval

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Written By: Victoria Harrell

Business man with note book up closeYeske Buie is pleased to announce that Schwab now provides the ability to open accounts and process certain service requests more efficiently using DocuSign®. With DocuSign, you will be able to sign and approve service requests electronically, bypassing the typical process of printing paperwork to sign, scan and return to Yeske Buie. We can now send the following forms for electronic signature:

  • MoneyLink Form
  • New Account Application
  • Maintenance Request Forms (i.e. Beneficiary Change, Transfer of Account)

For a request that we feel would be more efficiently submitted using DocuSign, you will receive an email from Yeske Buie proactively to let you know of any email(s) you should expect to receive from Schwab. Schwab will then deliver a secure electronic envelope to your email address containing the form(s) required. Below is a screenshot to provide you with an example of how the email from Schwab will appear (click the image to enlarge):


Example of an email for any Schwab paperwork sent via DocuSign.

You can gain access the contents of this electronic envelope by using your Schwab Alliance log on credentials. The electronic form is designed to guide you through the completion process and includes yellow and/or red boxes where action is needed. Upon completion, you will electronically sign the document by either drawing your signature with the mouse (or with your fingertip on a smartphone or tablet) or by selecting from a list of styles a signature that most resembles your own.

Let’s review an example of how DocuSign can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to complete a request. Imagine you are ready to initiate a wire transfer, so you contact Yeske Buie to initiate the transaction. We will first verify your identity as security measure, and then proceed with initiating the wire transfer with Schwab. Once we have done so, you will receive an email or notification that the wire request is ready for approval. All you will need to do to complete the wire request is approve the wire transaction with a few verifications and clicks via the Schwab Mobile App or Schwab Alliance website. Capitalizing on DocuSign’s ability for electronic signature and approval, a process that used to take hours can now be completed within minutes!

It is important to note that you must have Schwab Alliance access to use DocuSign. If you have not previously set up access, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in gaining access to the site. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact Schwab Alliance (1-800-515-2157) to reset your information as we cannot keep it on file. Once you have Schwab Alliance access, you will need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet if you plan to use DocuSign from either of those devices.

We look forward to starting to use DocuSign in an effort to make account openings and transactions easier and more efficient. If you would like additional information about DocuSign or have any questions about the new process, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Service team, Dorothy Navales or Victorial Harrell.

Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition

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Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. announced that it has completely revised and updated it’s popular reference guide for financial planning students and practitioners. John Wiley & Sons published the first-of-its-kind Financial Planning Competency Handbook in 2013. Elissa and Dave contributed 30 chapters to the original Handbook as members of a select team of practitioners and academics invited to write this comprehensive guide to financial planning. In the fully updated second edition, Elissa and Dave collectively contributed over 20 chapters on topics including Economic Concepts, Investment Strategies, Estate Tax Compliance and Tax Calculation, Gifting Strategies, Retirement Income and Distribution Services and more.

“The financial planning profession has evolved significantly in the two years since the Financial Planning Competency Handbook was first published. The second edition has been revised accordingly, giving financial planning practitioners, students and educators a one-stop resource on issues facing today’s financial planning professionals as they seek to meet their clients’ changing needs,” said the book’s editor, CFP Board Director of Academic Programs and Initiatives Dr. Charles Chaffin. “With nearly two-thirds of the handbook’s content brand new, CFP Board is continuing to work to expand the body of knowledge in the financial planning profession.”

“The fully updated second edition includes brand new content based upon the new Principal Knowledge Topics developed through the most recent Job Task Analysis. Each of these topics are explored from both a theoretical as well as a practical perspective through connections diagrams, practitioner profiles, and vignettes. There is also a detailed case that runs through each stage of the financial planning process. In addition, a completely new section is devoted to the interdisciplinary nature of financial planning, including diverse fields like psychology, behavioral finance, communication, the aging population, and marriage and family therapy.” – CFP® Board Press Release

The 944-page book is available in hardcover and electronic book formats and is available through the publisher and on

Meet the Team: Aviv Florenthal and Taylor Agostino

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Aviv and TaylorThis summer, Yeske Buie has hosted two interns in our San Francisco office, Aviv Florenthal and Taylor Agostino from William Paterson University. The pair are majoring in Financial Planning and have had a variety of work experiences prior to their time at Yeske Buie including positions at Charles Schwab’s summer internship program and other financial planning firms on the east coast. At their university, these students are top-notch: Aviv is the president of the school’s Financial Planning Association® Student Chapter and has competed in several financial planning competitions, Taylor was a member of the FPA® Student Chapter and Student Investment Club, and both were inducted into an honors society recognizing the top ten percent of business students attending AACSB accredited schools. While it’s easy to group these interns as a pair, each individual has shown their unique strengths during their internship and have contributed in a variety of ways including revamping our summary templates to include more valuable and pertinent information for our Clients. In this edition of Meet the Team, we learn more about Taylor and Aviv’s internship role at Yeske Buie.

Aviv Florenthal

How do you feel this internship has prepared you for the next steps in your career?

“I think this internship has prepared me for the next step after graduation by giving me a better idea of what to expect as a Financial Planner. This internship has given me a good perspective of what I should be looking for in a financial planning firm as the Yeske Buie values, staff, and culture really resonates with me. Working at Yeske Buie gives me a unique experience that not everyone gets because I’ve seen how a top financial planning firm handles clients and the culture they try to embody and I am very lucky for that. As graduation approaches, I have to start looking for a job and the decision I make going forward will rely heavily on what I’m looking for in a company based on my experiences. The internship has also helped develop me as a professional. I hope to take advantage of the growth I’ve experienced here to spring shot me into my next position so I can be more effective and serve clients better based on how I saw clients being served at Yeske Buie.”

William Paterson Beta Gamma Sigma Induction with Sister

Aviv and his sister at the Beta Gamma Sigma induction.

California View

Aviv enjoying a California view!

What do you feel has been your greatest contribution or proudest moment as an intern thus far?

“My greatest moment so far was a realization of how I could draw on my knowledge from school so far and incorporate it into my internship. This happened when I was doing a calculation for an alternative minimum tax contribution and I experienced a gap between what I know and what I needed to know. This is a topic that a lot of people have trouble understanding and was not something I’ve learned in school so far so when I was working with Sabina it took a lot of initial research to learn how it’s calculated and why it exists. Once I overcame that hurdle, focus on the project became about deciphering information from what I knew about taxes and turning it into data that could be used for planning purposes. It was fascinating to work with someone and have guidance while struggling through a difficult topic and know that I can take advantage of outside resources to bring value and to expand the realm of my knowledge. I enjoy learning new things and every time you learn something new in financial planning, a light bulb goes off and suddenly everything relates and becomes applicable. It’s exciting to see the application and how it can benefit people.”

Seattle FPA Competition Team

Aviv and his team at the Seattle FPA Competition.

Taylor Agostino

What do you hope to accomplish during the rest of your time with Yeske Buie?

“I hope to learn more about the profession, and gain more insight as to how Yeske Buie provides excellence to their clients. I have been given so many opportunities for growth, and I continue to be a sponge and soak it all in. With the national reputation and merit Yeske Buie has, I feel I am truly learning from the best of the best in this industry. What I hope to accomplish before I leave, would be to become more familiar and exposed to the client/planner interaction and relationship. When sitting in on client meetings, you see real people with real issues, and to witness the gratifying outcome Dave and Elissa provide, is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is the type of exposure you can only be lucky to find in an internship program.”


Taylor, along with her financial planning graduate friends, are anxiously waiting to receive their diplomas!


Taylor celebrating her big achievement with her parents.

What is one of your Live Big® goals?

“One of my Live Big® goals is to live a rich and fulfilling life – and help others do the same. As simple as it may sound, people often need a reminder. Life is short, and as my grandpa always says, “time waits for no one.” Carpe Diem, seize the day, because you never truly know when that last day might be. My goal as a person is to never lose that sense of wonder and zest for life. Travel – it’s a big world out there – go and see it. Lookout for yourself, but don’t forget to lookout for others too. Be the person your dog thinks you are. Spend time with family, they’re the reason you are who you are. Learn from them, laugh with them, and grow with them. Learn about yourself and your family culture – see where your roots grow. And above all else – do what makes you happy, because truly nothing else in life matters.”


Taylor and her biggest supporter, little sister Kylie, decide to switch-up the spotlight!


Yeske Buie’s Internship Program: Good for the Company and for the Intern

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Written By: Cristin Etheredge, RP®

Taylor and Aviv“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

Yeske Buie believes in supporting and fostering education and ingenuity of our youth. Because of that strong belief, we have a very vibrant internship program in both of our offices. Interns bring novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and specialized strengths and skill sets – all while augmenting our firm’s capacity.

We strive to provide hands-on training, real experience, and mentoring opportunities to every student who walks in the door. What makes our internship program stand out is that we constantly evaluate our workload and ability to provide interns with a dynamic, engaging and challenging experience. If our current workload or ideas for improvement don’t look to provide the ideal experience, the firm will forego having an intern for that semester.

We also believe that our internship program is a great way to Give Big and help in our community of the Financial Planning Profession and beyond. Hosting interns in our offices is a way to help students get started in their professional careers and find what drives them to work with passion and zeal. Our interns not only gain valuable experience, develop new skills, and get many chances to network – they learn what really resonates (or doesn’t) to help guide them in future decisions. As Elissa Buie, CEO explains: “When students get input from people who are out in the world doing [the work], it’s really valuable.”

What exactly do Yeske Buie Interns do?

Just as we refine our internships based on the degree track that the incoming interns will have – be it financial planning, finance, or business management – the interns provide a different layer or addition to the team. Below you can see two of our typical tracks:

  • Financial Planning: Our most rigorous track for students who have chosen Financial Planning as their major. Yeske Buie strives to give these interns as much real experience as possible. They draft insurance, beneficiary and estate templates, and start the process of creating or updating financial plans. They also get to sit in on different types of Client meetings. Financial Planning interns get exposure on what to expect daily once they move into the workforce. These students also perform value added work for our clients, as Elissa describes “Maybe we have client tax returns, but we haven’t been tracking losses carried forward. We might have [interns] create the database, go through the returns and enter the data. Is it generally done very well? Yes,” she continues. “Perfectly? No — but it’s easier for an Assistant Financial Planner to do cleanup than to do it all from scratch.” It is also a great hands-on learning experience for everyone involved.
  • Business Management: These interns will focus on more operational areas of the firm and do ad hoc projects. We typically strive to match most of the projects with the firm’s needs coupled with the intern’s interests and studies. Interns on this track get a vast array of experiences ranging from social media strategy, researching new software, learning about compliance, vendor management, marketing, business development, database management/clean-up, etc.

How else does a robust internship program help Yeske Buie?

Our internship program is run completely by the staff. Interns have access to Dave and Elissa, but the hiring, training and management of the interns is done by the staff. This allows our firm to learn essential training and management skills to foster the development of our Assistant Financial Planners, Financial Planning Residents and support staff.

How do interns impact my experience as a Client?

Our goal is for all of our interns to positively impact our clients in some way. Jeff Realjo, an intern in our Virginia office in 2014, did a lot of the research to help us find IdentityForce as a partner in keeping Client identities safe. This past spring, Anthony Castaldi did an enormous amount of research and reading to help us advance our Financial Literacy offering to the younger generation. This summer our two CA Financial Planning interns, Taylor Agostino and Aviv Florenthal, have been working diligently to revamp our summary templates to include more valuable and pertinent information we like to track.

Where do you find these interns?

The short answer is – all over the world! We post with all highly recognized Financial Planning degree programs in the country. In San Francisco, we reach out to local schools like Golden Gate University and University of San Francisco. In our Vienna office we leverage The Washington Center during the school semester. The Washington Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that hosts quality students for a semester from all over the country and world to have Washington D.C.-based internships and challenging seminar curriculum – all for academic credit at their home universities.

Yeske Buie has hosted interns from several top financial planning programs in the country including Virginia Tech and William Patterson. Additionally, we have hosted finance and business management interns from all over the country and world – including Rhode Island, Iowa, Indiana, South Korea, India and Kyrgyzstan. Our interns have gone on to be successful at a variety of organizations such as Goldman Sachs, KPMG, FJY Financial, Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC, Morgan Stanley and RBC Wealth Management.

As Julia Childs puts it, “Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it.” At Yeske Buie, we’re passionate about our internship program because we believe it provides a multitude of benefits to all involved.

Give Big: Yeske Buie West Coast Helps the SF-Marin Food Bank

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Over the past few weeks, the Yeske Buie West Coast office has been volunteering with the SF-Marin Food Bank as part of our Give Big initiative. The SF-Marin Food Bank distributes over 105,000 meals on a daily basis and distributed over 45 million pounds of food in 2014.

On several different days, our team members tackled a variety of projects to help make a difference in their community. Sabina and Russell took on the task of sorting through donated plums and boxing the plums that were high enough quality to distribute, while the unfit plums were sent to local farms for pig feed. During their time there, they helped box 7,500 pounds of plums to be sent to the food bank’s +450 community partners for distribution into the community. Additionally, Jen Hicks and our summer interns Aviv Florenthal and Taylor Agostino, worked together to box 30,000 pounds of carrots to be sent to various food pantries throughout the San Francisco area. After almost three hours of work, every last carrot was packed and ready to be shipped off to its final destination. Finally, Dorothy helped put together grocery bags for delivery that contained one pound of rice, one pound of pasta, one pound of oatmeal, four packs of low-fat milk, orange, carrots, bananas, and one loaf of bread.

Knowing that all of their work would go directly towards feeding those in need was a rewarding experience for all of our team members, who enjoy volunteering with the SF-Marin Food Bank regularly. For our summer interns, this was their first experience volunteering in San Francisco or with the Food Bank. We asked our interns to share what they enjoyed most about the opportunity to give back to San Francisco and to volunteer with Yeske Buie:

One aspect of San Francisco that can be difficult at times is seeing many people who are less fortunate and not being able to help. What I enjoyed most about volunteering with Yeske Buie at the SF-Marin Food Bank was that all of our work was helping to provide food to those in need. It feels great knowing that I was able to give back to the community and that someone will directly benefit from my efforts.  – Aviv Florenthal

It’s very easy to get inspired about a cause you truly care about, and is so gratifying to see the direct impact you make. We all as humans, rich or poor, take from society and the world around us – so it is important that we must give back. Yeske Buie makes continuous efforts to build a better community and provide a higher quality of life for all. It was very moving to see an entire company come together, outside of work, for one sole purpose – to make someone else’s life better. – Taylor Agostino

SS and RK SF-Marin Food Bank

Sabina and Russell after the event in front of the plums that they sorted through.

SS and RK SF-Marin Food Bank Plums

Some of the “bad” plums that will be used as pig feed.

Food Bank 6

Aviv among the crates of carrots to be sorted.

Food Bank 3

Taylor and Jen sorting through 30,000 pounds of carrots.

Food Bank 9

Taylor and Aviv enjoying their first Give Big event with Yeske Buie.


Aviv, Jen, and Taylor are still smiling after completing their task.

The SF-Marin Food Bank.


A shot of some of the grocery bags that Dorothy helped package for distribution.


Yusuf Abugideiri Named Co-Chair of the Recent Alumni Board of the Pamplin College of Business

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Yusuf AbugideiriVIENNA, Va, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech, ranked in the top 10% of accredited business schools, has named Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP® as co-chair of its inaugural Recent Alumni Board effective June 22, 2015. The Recent Alumni Board of the Pamplin College of Business is a diverse group of young professionals whose work is aimed at advancing the present and future community of Pamplin College. The Board is composed of twenty-five professionals who have graduated from the Pamplin College in the last two to ten years with careers as CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and consultants. Members hail from companies across the country including NBC Universal, BB&T, IBM, General Electric, and Boeing. Potential candidates for the board were nominated by staff within the Pamplin College; the Pamplin Advisory Council then selected candidates for the Board based on the candidates’ leadership roles, engagement with the college, professional goals, and community involvement. Only one-third of the nominees were named to the Board.

Yusuf will serve a three year term as co-chair with the Board and will have responsibilities including supporting current students in finding post-undergraduate careers, developing and strengthening relationships with recent alumni, and advocating for the Pamplin College to increase awareness with employers and potential students. He will do this by participating in speaking engagements in various business courses at Virginia Tech and by designing initiatives to be launched in the coming months as the Board devises a plan of action for the coming years.

Yusuf graduated in 2009 after earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track, a CFP® Board-Registered Program. Yusuf has been invited back as an alumnus to speak at Virginia Tech on several occasions: he has talked to prospective students at Hokie Focus, to accepted students at Orientation, and to incoming freshmen at Hokie Camp. He has also been a guest speaker in several financial planning courses and information sessions where he meets with students to answer questions and provide advice on effectively using their time in college as a launching point for their careers. “I am most looking forward to being able to give back in a bigger way to the university that gave me so much,” said Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®. “So much of my success can be attributed to people seeking me out, giving me advice, and being a mentor to me and for that I am very grateful. Now, I want to be that person for someone, or ten people, or one hundred people and being on the Recent Alumni Board gives me the platform to do that.”

Yusuf has been a Financial Planner at Yeske Buie for six years and is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®). He served on the Financial Planning Day and Career Day committees through FPA’s National Capital Area chapter and is a member of FPA’s NexGen community. He is also a graduate of FPA’s Residency Program. Yusuf is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Economics at George Mason University. In addition to his visits to Virginia Tech, he also makes regular visits to The Washington Center to speak about financial planning and assist students with their career development.

Learn more about Yusuf and Yeske Buie at


SOURCE: Yeske Buie

Yeske Buie Named to 2015 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers

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FT_400_Advisers_Logo_2015VIENNA, Va., June 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Yeske Buie is pleased to announce that it has been named to the Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers list, as of June 18, 2015. The list recognizes top independent RIA firms from across the U.S.

This is the second annual FT 300 list, produced independently by the FT in collaboration with Ignites Research, a subsidiary of the FT that provides business intelligence on the investment management industry. More than 2,000 elite RIA firms were invited to apply for consideration, based on their assets under management (AUM). The 630 RIA firms that applied were then graded according to six criteria: AUM; AUM growth rate; years in existence; advanced industry credentials; online accessibility; and compliance records.

The “average” FT 300 firm has been in existence for 23 years and manages $2.6 billion in assets. The 300 top RIAs hail from 34 states and Washington, D.C., and, on average, saw their total AUM rise by 18% in 2014.

The FT 300 is one in a series of rankings of top advisers that the FT developed in partnership with Ignites Research: the FT 401 (DC retirement plan advisers); the FT 400 (financial advisers from traditional broker-dealer firms); and the FT 100 (women financial advisers). Elissa was named to the inaugural FT Top 100 Women Financial Advisers list in November, 2014. In compiling this list, FT set out to identify the 100 best women financial advisers in the U.S. The guiding principle was to assess advisers from the perspective of current and prospective investors.

About Yeske Buie: Yeske Buie is a wealth management firm providing financial planning and asset management to over 200 clients around the world. Yeske Buie helps individuals and families achieve their vision for their lives by harnessing the transformative power of financial planning. We develop creative strategies that are executed with the grounded wisdom that comes from taking an evidence-based approach to everything we do. We are known nationally for our volunteer service and our Principals’ writing and presentations on topics such as Evidence-Based Financial Planning, Policy-Based Financial Planning and Financial Planning Strategy Modes. We are also guided by our unique Live Big® philosophy, through which we help clients harness their material resources in service to what matters most to them.  Live Big® – It’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet®.

FT 300 Disclosure: The 2015 Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers is an independent listing produced by the Financial Times (June, 2015). The FT 300 is based on data gathered from RIA firms, regulatory disclosures, and the FT’s research. As identified by the FT, the listing reflected each practice’s performance in six primary areas, including assets under management, asset growth, compliance record, years in existence, credentials and accessibility. Neither the RIA firms nor their employees pay a fee to The Financial Times in exchange for inclusion in the FT 300.

SOURCE Yeske Buie

Give Big: Yeske Buie East Coast Helps Prepare Food for Others

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Last week, our team members in the east coast office volunteered with a local group, Food for Others. Their mission is simple – to distribute free food to our neighbors in need – but their impact is beyond impressive. Food for Others serves 400-600 families every day Monday through Friday in the Northern Virginia area. In 2014, they distributed over 2.2 million pounds of free food with a donation value of $3,718,000. They distribute the free food through both warehouse services and neighborhood sites – the only question asked is, “How many people will be sharing this food?”

Our team contributed to the mission by packaging grocery bags and boxed goods for distribution to people in need in Northern Virginia. While the team has participated with a variety of impactful organizations, Yusuf noted that this was his favorite Give Big activity and Lauren G. said “There is something very humbling and powerful about helping the hungry in our own back yard. I want to get more involved with them!”

The team plans to volunteer with Food for Others again and the organization provides lots of opportunities to do so. In addition to the warehouse volunteering, Food for Others has an inspirational Power Pack Program which was created to provide elementary-school children with a food pack for the weekend. The packs contain breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and drink items and are given to students at high risk of food insecurity on the weekends to ensure they have more nutrition and less worry about where their next meal will come from. The team plans to participate in this program in the coming months so stay tuned to our Digest to see how we work to make a difference in our community.


Group Pic 2

Yusuf, Cristin, Lauren V, Lauren G, and Victoria at Food for Others.

We Filled This Crate in an Hour

Our team filled this cage with grocery bags in less than an hour!

LV & CE 1

Lauren V and Cristin packaging grocery bags.

VH Working

Victoria started the assembly line by preparing the double bags.

Team at Work

Lauren G and Yusuf near the end of the assembly line, placing the bags in the cage.

YA Working 1

Yusuf finishes the bags and they are ready for distribution.

Our Hard Work!

The team filled three cages and hundreds of bags for distribution to local families in need.

Food for Others

Much of the food donated to Food for Others comes from local grocery stores who planned to throw away the food.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson