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Where in the World is the Live Big Glass?

Firm News & Eventson May 21st, 20152 Comments

WWLBG - COMPRESSEDIf you have recently had a meeting in either of our offices or attended one of our Open House events, you’ve seen that we enjoy using and giving away our customized Live Big glasses.  Beginning in June, we will be introducing our “Where in the World is the Live Big Glass?” campaign to show off the Live Big glass from anywhere in the world! If you have a Live Big glass, feel free to email a picture of you enjoying a drink from your glass to to join the campaign. If you do not have a glass, you may also email and we will happily send you a glass so you can participate. Crowd favorites will receive a gift so be sure to stay tuned to TheLiveBigWay® Digest for the start of the campaign.

We are very excited to have received several pictures of individuals enjoying their Live Big glasses in preparation for the campaign. Here we share a few examples of the Yeske Buie team enjoying a drink from their Live Big glass. We look forward to receiving many more pictures as you Live Big with your glass in hand.

AC from Cranston, RI

Submitted by our Spring 2015 intern, Anthony. He is enjoying his Live Big glass at his home in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Flowers in Live Big Glass

Submitted by Lauren Grove, Financial Planner in our Virginia office. She is using her Live Big glass as a vase to bring some color into our office.

JH Glass 1

Submitted by Jen Hicks, Financial Planner in our San Francisco office. Jen used her glass at breakfast during her last ski weekend in Tahoe.


Russell Kroeger is Yeske Buie’s Newest CFP®

Firm News & Eventson May 7th, 2015No Comments

CFP logo_2Yeske Buie is proud to announce that Russell Kroeger, Financial Planning Resident in our San Francisco office, officially became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional on Tuesday, May 5th. When Russell joined the Yeske Buie team in January of this year, we asked him “How did you become interested in Financial Planning?”. He excitedly responded, “I’ve wanted to do this since I can remember!” After receiving the news, we asked Russell what three words he would use to describe how it felt to have earned the CFP® certification:

When I received word from the CFP Board there was definitely a rush of excitement (an achievement I will certainly celebrate); but my outlook was refined by a mentor’s challenge for a renewed focus on “why” I am pursuing the profession, and to use those feelings and emotions to drive future progress. I’m not sure 3 will do it justice, but I undoubtedly feel:

  • Honored – It’s a blessing to be part of something bigger than myself, especially a calling that is directly in line with my values and worldviews.
  • Encouraged – While learning and development is an ongoing process, I’m grateful to be that much more prepared to effectively inspire and enable others to do what inspires them.
  • Thankful – I’ve been incredibly blessed by opportunities and mentorships that have afforded me the reality of becoming a CFP® professional – a milestone to which the majority of last 6 years of my life have been dedicated.

With Russell’s certification, Yeske Buie now has six CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals on staff. To celebrate his accomplishment, the entire Yeske Buie team held a cross-coast toast to congratulate Russell. Pictured below is a screen shot of our toast with the Virginia office on the left and the San Francisco office on the right. Yeske Buie uses web conferencing software on a daily basis to have meetings with each other as well as meetings with our Clients. The software allows us to bridge the 2,400 mile gap between the two offices and create an environment that feels, as Dave likes to say, “like we are one office with a really long hallway”.

YeBu Celebrates RK's CFP

Standing from left to right: Victoria, Cristin, Yusuf, Lauren G., Lauren V., Dave, Elissa, Russell, Sabina, Dorothy, and Jen

To obtain the CFP® certification, a planner must have satisfied the CFP Board’s “Four Es” – Education, Examination, Experience, and Ethics. Specifically, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and must have completed a CFP Board-approved education program covering 78 financial planning topics. After the education requirement is complete, candidates sit for a 10-hour exam administered over the course of two days. After the examination requirement is complete, candidates must then accumulate three years of full-time practice experience (two years if under the direct supervision of a CFP® practitioner) and complete an ethics certification, which includes an inquiry into the candidate’s background and agreement to adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics. To maintain certification, a CFP® professional is required to complete at least 30 hours of “Continuing Education” credits every two years.

CFP® licensees are held to a fiduciary standard, which requires them to act in utmost good faith in a manner that is in the best interest of their clients. Over its now 40-year history, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM marks have emerged as the dominant professional standard in the United States and, through the Financial Planning Board of Standards (FPSB), in 22 other countries as well.

Yeske Buie Spring Retreat

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Last week, the Yeske Buie team from both offices gathered at Marriott Ranch in Hume, Virginia for their semi-annual company retreat. While the retreat serves as a great opportunity to step away from the day to day office routine, the team spends each day working on various business related exercises.

This year’s Spring retreat was led, as usual, by business coach and good friend, David Brand, and had two main themes: strengthening our focus on our core goals, vision, and values and honing our ability to “be” the Client. The team worked on various visioning and goal setting exercises, worked on sharpening our collective understanding of Yeske Buie core values and world views, deepened our communication training, and engaged in awareness practices and role playing exercises to develop the skillful means to better see through the eyes of our Clients. Each retreat leaves the team feeling re-energized and better equipped to serve our Clients, and this retreat was no exception.

When the team wasn’t hard at work, we had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather, take a group horseback ride, eat (too much) delicious food, share stories and play games around the fire, and more! The week ended with our Open House in the Virginia office and a group dinner with each other and our loved ones. We hope you enjoy the following pictures from our retreat to Marriott Ranch!

1 Marriott Ranch

Marriott Ranch in Hume, VA

2 View of the Ranch

Typical view at Marriott Ranch

3 JH, RK, DY, EB, JC in living room

Group exercise (not the calorie-burning kind) in the ranch living room

4 Group Brainstorm Work 2

Brainstorm work in the great room

5 DB and mindmap

David Brand leading a mind mapping exercise

6 RK, SS, EB, JH and DN working hard

Group discussing and diagramming our core values

8 Pano Role Playing

Group role playing exercise

9a Group at Dinner

One of our six daily meals together! Sitting (left to right): Cristin, Lauren V., Jen, Yusuf, Russell, Dorothy, Sabina, and Jane. Standing (left to right): Dave, Elissa, Lauren G., and David Brand.

9 Staff at Stables

The team at the stables, ready to ride!

15 LG on her horse

Lauren G. on her horse, Cowboy

10 JH on a horse

Jen and her horse, Tinker

11 CE on a horse

Cristin and her horse, Bentley

DN on a horse

Dorothy and her horse, Huey

14 SS and her horse

Sabina and her horse, Skip

13 DY on a horse

Dave and his horse, Troy

16 RK feeding his horse

Russell feeding his horse, Rusty

EB on her horse

Elissa on her horse, Darcy

LV on her horse

Lauren V. on her horse, Mississippi


19 EB and LG at Western Town

Lauren G. and Elissa enjoying the fire at Western Town


17 Lunch at Western Town

The group ride led us to Western Town for lunch (on the ride back, the horses suggested a bit less lunch on our part would have been preferable to them)

18 Boys Table at Western Town

The unofficial “boy’s table” at lunch

21 EB, DB, DY, JC at Western Town

Elissa, David Brand, Dave, and David’s wife, Jane, at Western Town

20 VH, CE, JH, LV, DN and JC

Victoria, Cristin, Jen, Lauren V, Dorothy, and Jane after the horseback ride (no riding helmet “hat head” for these lovelies!)

22 Smiling Staff at Western Town Cropped Again

Team photo in Western Town

23 Client Event Food 3

Delicious food from Purple Onion Catering at our Open House

24 Dessert Table

The dessert table at our Open House (yes, the cheesecake stuffed strawberries were back!)

Tuscan Spread

Tuscan spread with roasted vegetables, a variety of cheeses, pesto, hummus, and other delicious dips prepared by Purple Onion Catering


Elissa and two of our Clients. PS: Does Elissa’s outfit look familiar? She realized at the event that she wore the same jacket last year!


25 LV and Eli at Client Event

Lauren and her fiance, Eli, at the Open House (we all think it’s adorable how they like to dress alike)

26 JH and Maegan

Jen and Yusuf’s wife, Maegan, at dinner after the Open House

27 DY, LG and Daniel at Wildfire

Dave, Lauren G. and her boyfriend, Daniel at dinner

28 Group at Wildfire

What a great looking bunch! Group photo at dinner – OMG, is it time to eat again?


Yeske Buie Give Big Volunteer Events

Firm News & Eventson March 26th, 2015No Comments

One of Yeske Buie’s defined core values is our desire to willingly and selflessly share our time, our intellect, and our resources. In the past week, various Yeske Buie team members have volunteered with different foundations as a part of Yeske Buie’s Give Big initiative.

Last Saturday, Jen Hicks, Russell Kroeger, and Victoria Harrell all volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco at their Park Beautification event at Hilltop Park. The purpose of this project is to rejuvenate the park to make it a center for the neighborhood to enjoy and spend time outside. Before the park has contractors come in a build up the park, they are taking advantage of the volunteered labor to do the clean-up work. Our Yeske Buie team members helped pick up trash, edge the sidewalks, pull the weeds from the mulch, and dig up invasive plants to make room for new, native plants to be planted.

While getting their hands dirty and enjoying the trees and grass over the city is fun, our team members each enjoyed the experience for different reasons:

“My favorite part about cleaning up the park was working alongside Diane, a member of the community who is directly impacted by the work we were doing, and she was a lot of fun with a great personality! Several organizations have come together to renovate and upgrade the park in an effort to build and sustain the community through a clean, safe, engaging, functional place to go that also encourages healthy recreational activities.” – Jen Hicks

“The park we helped rebuild is in the middle of a neighborhood that is beginning to recover from gang activity and other adversity it has been struggling with since the mid-1990s. Having the opportunity to work next to and hear stories from members of the community was a humbling experience. It was encouraging to see the gratitude shared by those directly benefited by the work.” – Russell Kroeger

RK VH and JH at the park

Russell, Jen, and Victoria at the park.

Habitat for Humanity

Learning about the Park Beautification event.

VH RK and JH at Twin Peaks

Victoria, Russell and Jen at Twin Peaks

JH won a hat

Jen enjoying volunteering.

The next day, several team members on the east coast, Cristin Etheredge, Lauren Grove, Lauren Vitt, and Anthony Castaldi volunteered with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation at one of their Pet Adoption events. The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation rescues abandoned or displaced dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in over-crowded shelters or other at-risk situations and places them for adoption into loving homes. Our volunteers each spent time with several dogs playing with them, learning more about them, and trying to find them a new, forever home. The experience touched each of our team members differently:

“I realized I was helping Lost Dog and Cat Rescue make a difference when I saw multiple dogs going home with their new families – I swear the dogs had smiles on their faces. I also got to tell a few pet owners about Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and their efforts and successes (43 dogs and cats found homes this weekend alone!).” – Lauren Grove

“The smiles on people’s faces as they saw and played with dogs will always resonate with me. It proved to me the time there was not only meaningful to the dogs but helped create joy in the lives of the families.” – Anthony Castaldi

EC Lost Dog Volunteering

Cristin, Anthony, Lauren G. and Lauren V. at the Pet Adoption Event

LG and Ovie

Lauren G. with Ovie

LV and AC with dogs

Anthony and Lauren V. with dogs.

LV with Homero

Lauren V. with her dog, Homero

AC with Bart

Anthony with Bart

LV, LG and AC with Dogs

Lauren G., Lauren V., and Anthony at the Pet Adoption event.

And last night, Sabina Smailhodzic and Dorothy Navales volunteered their time at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Here they are helping to package 2,700 pounds of oatmeal.



Yeske Buie Spring 2015 Open House in Virginia

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 Featured Wines from Elissa and Dave’s Favorite Wineries
Iron Horse Wedding CuvéeIron Horse Classic Vintage Brut Iron Horse Russian Cuvee Iron Horse Ocean ReserveIron Horse Wedding Cuvée – Iron Horse is best known for this cuvée. Fresh and festive, this bubbly is built for a party!

Iron Horse Russian Cuvée – This cuvée was first produced for the historic Reagan Gorbachev Summit Meetings, ending the Cold War. This is the richest of Iron Horse’s Sparklings and has been served at the White House for five consecutive Presidential Commemorates.

Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut – The Classic Vintage Brut is a traditional blend of estate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, aged four plus years en tirage. Perfectly named, it is both classic and vintage in every sense of the word; a sleek and impeccably focused bubbly, that offers a crisp, laser like finish.

Iron Horse Ocean Reserve – This cuvée was created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of National Geographic and $4 from the sale of each bottle will be donated to create marine protected areas and reduce overfishing around the world.

Iron Horse UnOaked Chardonnay – With no oak, this Chardonnay stars pure pineapple, orange, green apple, lime, and tropical fruit flavors, brightened with crisp acidity. This wine is a beautiful, pure expression of Green Valley, where Iron Horse is located, in the coolest, foggiest reach of the Russian River Valley.

DeLoach Forgotten Vines Zinfandel – San Francisco firefighter Cecil DeLoach spearheaded Pinot Noir wine growing in the Russian River Valley in the early 1970s. After the Boisset Family from Burgundy, France assumed ownership in the early 2000s, they have since enhanced the health of the land and the quality of the wine by incorporating eco-friendly farming practices through Biodynamic winemaking. The Forgotten Vines blend is comprised of several exemplary mature vineyards first planted in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the warmer reaches of the region.

Merry Edwards Sauvignon BlacMerry Edwards Russian River Valley Pinot NoirDeLoach Forgotten Vines ZinfandelIron Horse Unoaked Chardonnay (2)Merry Edwards Russian River Valley Pinot Noir – It’s been said that in many ways, Merry Edwards is like her wines – complex, balanced, and memorable. An intricate blend of artistic vision, scientific training, spirit and grace, she leaves a lasting impression. This wine combines grapes from six different vineyards located across the range of Russian River Valley.

Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc – In the glass, the wine is mouthwatering, showing off floral notes of jasmine, orange blossoms and lemon verbena. This delicate perfume is complemented by rich citrus tones of lime zest, tangerine and mandarin orange. White peach and ripe pear along with tropical accents of pineapple, lycheé and guava round out the aromatic profile. A hint of minerality, along with a bit of exotic barrel spice — cumin and coriander — add even more intrigue.

Yeske Buie Souvenir

Wine GlassWe will have stemless wine glasses with the Yeske Buie logo and Live Big® motto for attendees to take home after the event! If you haven’t picked up a wine glass in the past, be sure to take one home this year as we will soon be promoting a new, interactive feature, “Where in the World is the YeBu Wine Glass?”.

Elite Tarot

Elite TarotBack by popular demand, Eve will make a return to this years’ Client Event to provide tarot card readings!

While we lack a functioning crystal ball or other means for predicting the direction of the markets (and, of course, we don’t believe anyone else possesses such means either), there are realms beyond the reach of scientific knowledge where anything might be possible.

Come to the Yeske Buie client event and meet Eve, who will help you harness your own power to embrace and own your life’s journey!

Eve is a proud member of the American Tarot Association, Tarot Professionals (UK), and the DC Tarot Society. Learn more about Eve and Elite Tarot. 


Appetizers and Sweet Treats from Local Company Purple Onion Catering Co.

Purple OnionAfter raving reviews at our last Virginia Open House, we are very excited to have local Vienna catering company, Purple Onion Catering Co., provide a variety of appetizers including favorites from last year as well as new, creative dishes. This year, we will be featuring:

Wave picture– Spicy Pecan Crusted Chicken Skewer with Sweet Georgia Peach Sauce

– Korean Bulgogi Slider

– Mini Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Summer Herb Aioli

– Zucchini Vegetable Rolls

– Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Crostini

– Sweet Treats including:

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Mini Chocolate Cream Puffs

Mini Red Velvet Ding Dongs

Caramel Pretzel Sweet Shots


Meet the Team: Victoria Harrell

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Victoria HeadshotVictoria Harrell, Client Service Administrator in our Vienna, VA office, is Yeske Buie’s newest team member. With over nineteen years in the financial services industry, Victoria adds a great level of expertise to the team. Additionally, Victoria has a deep understanding of how the markets work and trading rules as she has earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Business Administration, has completed all of the course work for the CFP® certification, and holds multiple securities licenses. As Client Service Administrator, Victoria maintains the Client Private Pages®, places trades, and helps with paperwork and Client requests. In this edition of Meet the Team, we learn more about what Victoria hopes to accomplish at Yeske Buie and what she enjoys doing in her free time.

How did you become interested in working in the financial services industry?

Well, when I moved to Charlotte, I started working for Bank of America as a teller. It was there that I realized I wanted to stay in the financial services industry. As for how I became interested in the investments sector, an opportunity became available after college when Bank of America began expanding their investments group into Washington, DC. I was very interested in this position and was brought on as part of expansion. Here, I earned my Series 7 and have been working in investments ever since.

What are you most looking forward to about working as a Client Service Administrator at Yeske Buie?

I am looking forward to mastering my role and identifying areas within the Client Services role that could be made even better as I bring a fresh set of eyes and my professional experience to the team. From my first few weeks here, I can tell that the firm is always looking for ways to better serve our Clients and I hope to identify workflows within the firm and with our outside vendors to help our Clients get the best service possible.

What do you feel is your greatest strength that you add to the Yeske Buie team?

I feel that my greatest strength that I bring to Yeske Buie is my experience in the financial services industry. I feel that my nineteen years of experience in the business allows me to pick up on things more quickly and shortens my learning curve which therefore allows me to spend less time ramping up and more time serving our Clients.

What is one of your Live Big® goals?

One of my short-term Live Big® goals is to move into a larger home. My dream is to live in the city of Washington, DC in the H Street neighborhood as I love spending time in that area.

If you had 24 hours to do whatever you wanted and money was no concern, where would you be, what would you do?

If I had 24 hours to do whatever I wanted to I would be with my friends traveling to South Africa or the Caribbean. I went to South Africa in 2007 and found that the people were so kind, the history of the area was so rich, and I was fascinated with the culture and the food. While I had traveled internationally to Canada, this was my biggest international trip and I hope to visit there again in the future.


Victoria in South Africa

VH 2

View in South Africa



Lauren Grove Earns CFP® Certification

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Lauren Grove, Yeske BuieAfter years of hard work and dedication, we are very proud to announce that Lauren Grove, Assistant Financial Planner in our Virginia office, became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional on Friday, February 6th. After learning that she had officially received the certification, we asked Lauren, “What three words would you use to describe how it feels to have earned the CFP® certification?”

“The three words I would use to describe how it feels to have earned the CFP® certification are: relieved, proud, and excited.

I am relieved because the certification process is intense and lasts multiple years. It begins with the education requirement, which I fulfilled during my time in Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track; studying for three to four months for the two-day, ten-hour exam is next; and it is completed by fulfilling a two-year apprenticeship practicing the six steps of the financial planning process, which I have been lucky enough to complete here at Yeske Buie.

I am proud because I dedicated myself to accomplishing all three steps above.  And did it with excitement – I love every day in this profession!

I am excited to continue to learn every day and grow as a member of this Yeske Buie team and the financial planning profession. Becoming a CFP® certificant was one great stepping stone in this pursuit.”


LF CFPTo obtain certification, a planner must have satisfied the CFP Board’s “Four Es” – Education, Examination, Experience, and Ethics. Specifically, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and must have completed a CFP Board-approved education program covering 78 financial planning topics. After the education requirement is complete, candidates sit for a 10-hour exam administered over the course of two days. As you may recall, we sat down with Lauren days before she took her exam to learn more about her diligent study schedule and announced in late August that she had passed her exam. After the examination requirement is complete, candidates must then accumulate three years of full-time practice experience (two years if under the direct supervision of a CFP® practitioner) and complete an ethics certification, which includes an inquiry into the candidate’s background and agreement to adhere to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics. To maintain certification, a CFP® professional is required to complete at least 30 hours of “Continuing Education” credits every two years.


CFP® licensees are held to a fiduciary standard, which requires them to act in utmost good faith in a manner that is in the best interest of their clients. Over its now 40-year history, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM marks have emerged as the dominant professional standard in the United States and, through the Financial Planning Board of Standards (FPSB), in 22 other countries as well.

Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident Program

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YeBu Live Big Logo 03-15-11Yeske Buie has recently implemented a Financial Planning Resident Program. The purpose of the program is to leverage our Financial Planning team and to help contribute to the pipeline of new planners entering the financial planning profession prepared to work with financial planning clients.

The Financial Planning Resident will work directly with clients, preparing financial plans and reviews, and working in all aspects of financial planning, from the discovery process through to implementation and ongoing support of Yeske Buie’s Clients’ Live Big® goals.  The Resident will be overseen at all times by a CFP® and will “graduate” from this position with exceptional experience, prepared to join an established financial planning firm or start their own practice. During their time at Yeske Buie, they will also attend professional association events and have the opportunity to prepare for and take the CFP® Exam. Upon their “graduation”, the Resident will have the experience necessary to qualify to be a CFP® Licensee – learn what it takes to earn the CFP® certification here.

The Financial Planning Resident will be treated and have the same expectations as other Yeske Buie employees. However, the position will end after a specific time period and the Resident will move on to find other employment. At that time, the Resident will be highly qualified for attractive opportunities in the financial planning profession.

Smailhodzic, Sabina Headshot 2Our first Financial Planning Resident is Sabina Smailhodzic. Sabina joined the Yeske Buie team in August 2014 and has set a high standard for future Financial Planning Residents at Yeske Buie. Not only has Sabina hit the ground running in working with the rest of the Financial Planning team to ensure that clients’ financial planning needs are met, but she has also played an integral role in the development of Yeske Buie’s Financial Planning Resident Program. We asked Sabina about what she has enjoyed most about being a Financial Planning Resident:

“Although not the answer one may be expecting, I have enjoyed the learning curve with an incredibly steep start! I knew that I would be learning a lot during my time as a Financial Planning Resident at Yeske Buie, but I could have never imagined the amount of learning that would take place within my first five months. Just within the first two weeks I attended an FPA of San Francisco chapter meeting, the 25th annual FPA Far West Roundup, sat in nine client meetings, and began the on-boarding process for three new clients. Needless to say, I haven’t slowed down! I am very excited to learn more about the financial planning profession through my experiences at Yeske Buie and cannot wait to see how much I have grown by the end of my residency”

2015-01-21 RK HeadshotIn addition to Sabina, we are excited to have Russell Kroeger join us as our newest Financial Planning Resident in San Francisco. Russell graduated from Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track in Spring 2013 and has over a year of experience working in the financial planning profession. To learn more about Russell, we asked him about his passion for financial planning and what he hopes to accomplish during his time at Yeske Buie – see what he’s most looking forward to in our recent Meet the Team feature. And, stay tuned to our Meet the Team Feature as Yeske Buie plans to continue to grow our Financial Planning Resident Program throughout 2015 with passionate, hard-working, and committed professionals like Sabina and Russell.

Meet the Team: Russell Kroeger

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Russell Kroeger is Yeske Buie’s newest team member and second Financial Planning Resident. Russell graduated in Spring 2013 from Virginia Tech’s CFP® Certification Education Track and traveled across the United States to join our Financial Planning Resident Program in San Francisco. To learn more about Russell, we asked him about his passion for Financial Planning and what he hopes to accomplish during his time as a Yeske Buie Financial Planning Resident. The answers to these questions and more are shared in this edition of Meet the Team: Russell Kroeger.

How did you become interested in Financial Planning?


My interest in finance started in my junior year of high school. One of the teachers offered to teach a personal finance class before school and anyone who was interested could sign up and sit in the class. Being as it started before the normal school day, there were only a handful of us who regularly joined the class. I learned very simple practices about debt management, buying vs. renting, and compound interest but when I was done with the class, I was hooked! I started to look into college programs that could provide learning opportunities within those areas and found Virginia Tech had one of the top programs in the country. I didn’t apply anywhere else and when I was accepted, I talked to the professors to learn anything and everything about the profession, who to be involved with, and what it would take to be successful. Also in college, I found that I really enjoyed volunteering and sharing my knowledge with others. For the FPA student chapter, I often volunteered to go to intro level business classes right before class started to talk about my experience and the things I learned in class to inform or inspire others to become interested in the profession and helping people.

So how did I become interested in Financial Planning? Well, I’ve wanted to do this since I can remember (or at least since I knew what was good for me) and I think the profession provides me with a phenomenal opportunity to utilize my skill sets while making the world a better place. I love that Financial Planning allows me to live my life in a way that is aligned with my morals and values. It’s important to me that my career directly reflects my values, skills, and passions.

What do you feel is your greatest strength that you add to the Yeske Buie team?

I feel that one of my greatest strengths is the true passion I have to help people. And, as passionate as I am about helping people and using my resources, I want to allow people to realize it’s not just about their financial goals, it’s about their LIFE goals. It’s not the mortgage numbers that are important, but WHY a client is driven to make a house their home. It’s not the specific amounts that someone wants to donate to Charity, but WHY the Charity is important to the Client’s values. Consistent reminders of the motivations behind ideas and strategies makes it easier to commit to big decisions. I want to help people to look back and know that their success was not limited to financial accomplishments, but that they too were able to be the good they wish to see in the world. My passion to help people be able to do that is unique and I hope it is felt in every Client interaction.


Russell jumping from rocks into glacier runoff while canyoning in Switzerland.


Russell participating in the 2014 Frosty 5k with his mom.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time as a Financial Planning Resident at Yeske Buie?

Outside of maturing both personally and professionally, my goal is to contribute to the firm in such a way that the Clients are able to feel the value added. I want Clients to know that Yeske Buie’s culture lives not just within its permanent employees, but that their ideals and dedication to excellence are infectious and encouraging to aspiring young planners. I also hope to advance the Financial Planning Resident Program so that future residents have a more fulfilled experience while ensuring that the firm is better able to service Clients through our accomplishments during my experience at Yeske Buie.

What is one of your Live Big® goals?

Ultimately what I want to do with my financial planning knowledge is to develop a program that adds value to the community in an effort to help people make more informed financial decisions, which will (hopefully) lead to live more fulfilled lives. Whether the program is within the community at a recreation center or a high school education program, I want to not only educate people in finance but also to make them aware of the profession and the positive impact it can have on peoples’ lives. I want to help all age groups but I also want to focus on younger individuals either as a professor or through an optional high school course where I first found my passion for finance and financial planning. Being blessed with the mentorships and opportunities I have, I want nothing more than to provide that spark, that “AH HA!” moment for someone because knowledge is empowering and everyone deserves the opportunity to find their passion.

In my personal life, I very much want to travel the world, experience different cultures, learn different perspectives, to understand why things are important to people. It’s such an interesting concept that people value things so much in one part of the world and a few hundred miles away, the value is placed on something completely different. I traveled Europe when I was in college and I loved the entire experience. These new experiences provide a new lens through which to see the world, as well as how to approach challenges and opportunities. Next, I’d really like to experience Thailand, Singapore, and the Asian culture. I think exploring South American culture would be really cool, too, and I’d also like to take a trip to Africa…. Basically, anywhere I can experience something new!


Russell hiking the Swiss Alps.


Russell exploring Mexico with his girlfriend, Paola.

What is your first impression of San Francisco?

My first impression is that the weather is nice and it smells delicious! Everywhere I walk there are restaurants with open doors or a delicious smelling bakery. I walk through little Italy on my way home and by the time I get home I feel like I haven’t eaten in days. My first few weeks have me excited for the diversity of experiences that I have the opportunity to enjoy during my time here!

How You Will Receive Your 1099

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1040While Yeske Buie posts quarterly tax reports to your Client Private Page® for taxable accounts, these reports are for planning purposes only. To complete your 2014 tax return, please refer to your Schwab 1099 for dividends, interest, and capital gains in your taxable account(s), as well as any distributions from your IRA(s). As required by the IRS, Schwab will send 1099s in the mail and post them to your Schwab account between the end of January and mid-February. Below is a screenshot of how to locate the report on the Schwab Alliance website. If you use the Schwab Alliance website, here are instructions for accessing your 1099 electronically. If you have lost your paper copy or are having difficulties accessing the forms online, please do not hesitate to call our office at 1-800-772-1887 or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the account for which you need the tax form.
  3. Select Accounts > History & Statements > Statements & Reports > Tax Forms.
  4. You can enter a customized date range or you can select the form in the field below the date range.

Schwab Alliance 1099 Updated

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson