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The Gift of Planning

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Written By: Lauren Mireles, FPQPTM

Yeske Buie has long supported the Foundation for Financial Planning, the nation’s only nonprofit charity solely devoted to supporting the delivery of pro bono financial planning. We believe so strongly in the importance of the work that they do that we’ve consistently given our time, our talent, and our treasure to the organization for over a decade. Through our involvement with the Foundation, we had the privilege of meeting a young family whose life had been upended with the terrible news of a cancer diagnosis.

“Everything we worked so hard for came crashing down,” said Leslie. “We had medical decisions to make, Mike was in the hospital for months at a time… we were overwhelmed by everything.  The last thing you are thinking about is paying the bills, but they are still there, they don’t go away.”

Listening to this couple tell their story, we were indelibly drawn to help them in whatever way we could; and the Foundation’s Pro Bono for Cancer Campaign made that desire a reality.

The Pro Bono for Cancer Campaign was launched earlier this year with the goal of supporting efforts around the country to connect cancer patients and their families to free, quality financial advice. Yusuf Abugideiri, CFP®, Senior Financial Planner in our Virginia office, was matched with Mike and Leslie to help them navigate their financial challenges. This engagement included gathering their financial data, presenting a holistic plan that put all of their finances in one place, and sharing some new ideas to improve their cash-flow. In Leslie’s words, Yusuf also, “gave us answers to questions that we wouldn’t have known the answers to, and getting answers to even the smallest questions makes a huge difference.”

The experience didn’t just make a difference in Mike and Leslie’s lives, it also made a difference in Yusuf’s life. Yusuf shared the following sentiments during a presentation detailing his work with the family at the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference:

It’s been an honor to participate in this initiative and a privilege to work with this family. Working with Mike and Leslie made me appreciate the role I play as an objective advisor, dedicated to instilling confidence in a family faced with many difficult and sometimes overwhelming financial decisions. We provided the structure and offered our skill-set, but it was Mike and Leslie who ultimately drove the work. Not only did they display a willingness to embrace the financial planning process, but they also took significant steps during the engagement to improve their financial situation.

I am grateful for the small role I’ve played in Mike and Leslie’s story – to have been able to combine our support and reassurance with their incredible courage and diligence. It’s meant so much to me to partner with them as they navigate the continuing financial challenges brought about by Mike’s diagnosis.

As is the case with all of our Clients, we appreciate the opportunity to continue building our relationship with Mike and Leslie; hoping to be an anchor during life transitions and a sounding board for ideas and questions that arise along their journey. To repeat Yusuf’s sentiments, it is an honor and a privilege to be welcomed into the lives of Mike, Leslie, and all of our Clients. We receive such an invaluable gift by planning with each and every one of you.

To learn more about the Foundation’s Pro Bono for Cancer Campaign, we encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the following resources:

Tis the Season for Holiday Giving

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Written By: Lauren Mireles, FPQPTM

A core value at Yeske Buie, our team believes in giving our time and talent to our Clients, our local communities, and the Financial Planning profession, in part as an appreciation for all we’ve received individually and as a company. While we are intentional about Giving Big all year round, we find ourselves particularly inspired to give during the holiday season. For the past few years, Elissa and Dave have generously invited the team to select a handful of toys to be donated to local charities. We hope you enjoy the photos and quotes from our team members on this giving tradition.


The smiles from the Yeske Buie team come from the pride and appreciation for the opportunity to be able to give back to children in our local communities.

San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program

According to their website, “The San Francisco Firefighter’s Toy Program is the city’s largest and the nation’s oldest program of its kind. Since 1949, it has evolved from a few firefighters repairing broken toys and bikes for 15 families to, in 2016, 300 firefighters and friends volunteering their time to distribute over 200,000 toys to more than 40,000 disadvantaged children. Dependent solely on donations, the Toy Program places collection barrels at retail establishments, street fairs, Christmas parties and many other functions.” Members of our San Francisco team delivered our donations via a quick trip to the Mills Building Lobby where one of the collection barrels appears year after year. Mila Lavoie, Project Administrator in our San Francisco office, shared the following sentiments about her experience with this year’s toy drive: “I feel so fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to help others who are less fortunate than I. Thank you, Elissa, Dave, Yeske Buie, and all the firefighters who make this toy drive possible!”

Zach Bennedsen, Dan Tripp, Mila Lavoie, and Lauren Stansell drop off toys in the Mills Building Lobby.

Toys for Tots

The Marine Toys for Tots program is dedicated to collecting new unwrapped toys to distribute to children across the country who may not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas. More specifically, the mission of the program is to “bring holiday joy and deliver a message of hope to children.” Since 1947, the program has distributed over 548 million toys to over 250 million children. Collecting and distributing the toys is a collaborative effort as the program depends on local public service departments and businesses to manage the donation process. Our Virginia office team participating in the donation effort by dropping off toys at a local fire station. Last year, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department collected over 11,000 toys thanks to the generosity of the local community; we feel privileged to make a small contribution to this mighty effort.

For Alishia DuBois and Cole DeLucas, participating in Yeske Buie’s holiday giving process was a new experience as they joined the team this June. Reflecting on the experience, Alishia shared, “I am so appreciative to be able to work for a firm that values the gravity of giving back. Imagining the children smiling when they receive these gifts is invaluable.” Cole echoed this sentiment stating, “Being a part of a firm that strongly embodies the true meaning behind giving back to the community is incredible. Selecting and donating a toy for a child in need gave me the opportunity to really imagine the impact we’re having on these kids’ lives and that is a humbling feeling.” And although this is not Yusuf Abugideiri’s first time participating in the toy drive effort, he noted that the impact never seems to fade: “We have so much to be thankful for, and that comes even more clearly into focus around the holidays – I can’t think of a better way to express that gratitude than by trying to brighten a child’s day.”

The team selected a mixture of toys that reminded them of their own childhood, while also hoping to choose toys for all ages.

Yusuf Abugideiri, Karen Simons, and Cole DeLucas smile with the toys before sending them off for donation.


The Yeske Buie team says “Give Big!” while posing for a photo together to capture the memory of our holiday toy donation.

San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program

According to their website, “The San Francisco Firefighter’s Toy Program is the city’s largest and the nation’s oldest program of its kind. Since 1949, it has evolved from a few firefighters repairing broken toys and bikes for 15 families to, in 2016, 300 firefighters and friends volunteering their time to distribute over 200,000 toys to more than 40,000 disadvantaged children. Dependent solely on donations, the Toy Program places collection barrels at retail establishments, street fairs, Christmas parties and many other functions.” Members of our San Francisco team delivered our donations via a quick trip to the Mills Building Lobby where one of the collection barrels appears year after year. Financial Planning Resident, Ryan Rasmussen, helped hand-deliver the toys to the collection barrel and afterwards, he said of the experience, “It’s fun to imagine the joy my gift will bring to a child who otherwise might not receive a toy during the holiday season.”

The toys donated by the San Francisco team included a Golden State Warriors basketball, Star Wars LEGO set, Play-Doh, a teddy bear, and more. Assistant Financial Planner, Zach Bennedsen, shared the following story when asked why he chose to donate the LEGO set:  “I was a kid when the “prequel” Star Wars movies came out, and I remember how big of a deal they were. I also remember how much fun the LEGO Star Wars sets were – my favorite were the starships, so I decided to choose one from the new movies for the toy drive this year.” Dan Tripp, Financial Planning Resident in our San Francisco office, shared a similar, personal story as to why he chose the toys he donated: “I selected a spinner toy because I saw my nephew using one and it seemed to provide him with a lot of joy.  I picked the cuddly teddy bear because I think every child should have an opportunity to have a special stuffed animal in their lives.”

Mila, Ryan R, and Dorothy drop off the toys in the collection barrel in our office building.

Our toys help to fill up the collection barrel next to the beautifully decorated tree.

Fairfax County Police Department’s “Santa’s Ride” Toy Drive

A long-time tradition in Fairfax County, VA, the Town of Vienna Police Department collected toys for children in local hospitals as part of the “Santa’s Ride” toy drive. According to an article describing the event, “Once again this year, Santa will temporarily trade in his sleigh and reindeer for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and police escort. The deliveries will happen at INOVA Children’s Hospital Child – Life Services Center and the Georgetown Hospital Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Toys not given out during Santa’s visit are left with the Child Life programs at each hospital. Those toys are used throughout the year to provide the children something to keep their mind off being in the hospital.” Inspired by this act of kindness, members of our Vienna, VA team delivered our donations to the Town of Vienna Police Department to be included in this year’s donation. After dropping off the toys, Assistant Financial Planner, Ryan Klemm, shared that the toy drive is meaningful to him because, “it feels good to help ensure that a child is going to receive a present during the holiday season. I remember how special it was receiving gifts Christmas morning and I want to share that feeling with others.”

Cristin, Lauren M, Yusuf, and Ryan K drop off the toy in the collection box at the Vienna Police Department.

Ryan Klemm ensures all the team’s toys make it in the box for the children in our local hospitals.

Give Big: Cristin Volunteers for Local Ethics Day Event

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Written By: Cristin Etheredge, FPQPTM

Cristin Etheredge, Operations Manager in our Vienna office, is an active member of The Rotary Club of Vienna and currently serves on the Club Leadership Team. As an active member, Cristin has fully embraced a wide variety of philanthropical events to benefit her local community. Recently, Cristin volunteered at the 18th Annual Ethics Day event with George C. Marshall High School. As a first time volunteer, Cristin said the following of the event: “If you were to ask me what I expected when I stepped foot into the Westin, it would have been apathetic, disengaged teenagers glued to their phones. Instead what I experienced were young adults who wanted to actively listen, articulate their thoughts, synthesize conclusions, and propose potential solutions with one another.” Reflecting on the event, Cristin went on to share, “My favorite part of the day was witnessing the students wanting more details, and more facts about each case they were presented with. Their ability to challenge being given surface details is crucial to successful critical thinking. By spending a day with high school seniors, I was rewarded with a new faith that the generation to follow us will make sound, ethical decisions.”

A full summary of the successful event is shared below.

Vienna, VA:  Today the Rotary Club of Vienna participated in Ethics Day for the 18th consecutive year with George C. Marshall High School held at Westin Hotel in Tyson’s Corner. The event was sponsored by the Vienna Rotary Club, Vienna Optimist Club and the George C. Marshall PTSA.

The entire senior class of Marshall High School was in attendance, participating in four modules to cover different ethical topics: a Mock Trial, the Bad Samaritan, CyberEthics and Designer Babies. Along with the assistance of volunteer moderators and table leaders, the students were led through various real-life scenarios, had an open dialogue and asked to reach decisions on topics that made students think critically about responsibility, accountability and morals.

Senior high school student Sam Hassett explained: “Ethics Day was a very self-reflective experience for me. This event put everything into a real world context instead of the hypothetical examples I’m used to.”

Rotary Club of Vienna Members Tom Kyllo, Matt Brennan, Cristin Etheredge, Joe Cacciapaglia, Scott Butler, AJ Osukie and Michelle Wright after the conclusion of Ethics Day

Sheila Sobczyk began volunteering with Ethics Day with Marshall High school three years ago. Her first year at the end of the day a student expressed to her what he got out of it – “You have to always think about what you are about to do. Your decision could hurt other people.” According to Sheila, “I knew right then and there I wanted to always be part of Ethics Day. It is so important for our young adults as they get ready to move out into the world.

Senior Nisa Hassan also took something away from the day: “Ethics not only relies on your personal morals, but being able to acknowledge the differences that may not always line up with your personal beliefs.”

The Rotary Club is an international organization that was one of the world’s first service organizations. As Rotarians, we are 1.2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.

Attorney Nathaniel Baldwin, the Honorable Manuel Capsalis and Attorney Mark Nicewicz volunteered their time to present the Mock Trial Module for students

Ethics Day is another activity of the Rotary Club of Vienna to give back to our community in terms of treasure, time and talent. The Rotary Club of Vienna has been the primary financial and staffing entity for the event from its inception through today.

To learn more about the Rotary Club of Vienna, visitors are welcome to join the members at one of our lunch meetings held on Wednesdays 12:00-1:30pm. If you are interested in learning more or to RSVP for a lunch, please contact our Membership Chair, James Cudney, at

Details about the club can be found at

Investment Advisor: How Doing Good Can Help You Do Better

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GiveAt Yeske Buie, we believe that sharing unconditionally is the path to abundance and we are committed to sharing our time, our intellect, and our resources. So, when Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie of Investment Advisor Magazine reached out to Yeske Buie for our thoughts on year-round philanthropy, we were happy to share why and how we Give Big. In the article featured in the December 2015 issue of Investment Advisor, contributions from Elissa Buie and Cristin Etheredge were included to support, “How Doing Good Can Help You Do Better”.  Below we share a passage from the article where Elissa and Cristin highlight a few ways that Yeske Buie embodies the phrase Give Big:

At wealth management firm Yeske Buie, the motto is “Live Big,” according to Operations Administrator Cristin Etheredge, a registered paraplanner. “We believe it’s about the size of your life, not the size of your wallet,” she said. When it comes to community service, the byword is “Give Big.”

“The notion of giving big is a cultural value for us,” Etheredge said. “We give back directly in our communities, and on a national level we love the Foundation for Financial Planning, whose mission is providing pro bono financial planning to the underserved. It’s such a good cause, and we contribute to it in a variety of ways.”

Yeske Buie’s support for the Foundation includes participation in a fundraising program that aims to help other advisory firms as well. In this virtual event, Yeske Buie staffers share what they do in terms of day-to-day business processes, hiring and retention practices and elevating the client experience. Firms and individuals must donate to the Foundation in order to take part in the program.

“We’ve been doing charitable giving as far back as I can remember,” Etheredge said. Co-founders Elissa Buie and Dave Yeske, both CFPs, have been sharing their time, money, knowledge and professional expertise to promote financial planning since the 1990s. Additionally, the firm’s 13 full-time staff members and two interns (in two offices: San Francisco and Vienna, Virginia) participate in a hands-on volunteering opportunity each quarter.

Buie, the immediate past chairperson of the Foundation for Financial Planning’s board of trustees, noted that “Give Big” is more than just a slogan. “Dave and I have pledged money and volunteered time, and our associate financial planner [AFP] staff have all contributed,” she said. “Each of our AFPs sits on their local FPA Board and volunteers as a way of giving back to our profession. And our Give Big local focus helps our local communities while providing great team-building experiences.”

In fact, Etheredge told us that just the day before our interview, Yeske Buie’s entire East Coast team had unloaded a truck and bagged apples and dairy products at Food for Others, a local food bank serving 400 to 600 families a day. “Making sure no one goes hungry resonates with us at Yeske Buie,” she said. “We love going together as a group and bonding with each other, while we’re helping people accomplish things we care about deeply.”


Give Big: No Strings Attached

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Give Big

We believe sharing unconditionally is the path to abundance.


Several members of our San Francisco Financial Planning team recently participated in Financial Planning Day, an event that allows the public to meet one-on-one with dozens of highly qualified CFP® professionals to discuss personal finance questions, concerns and interests. Attendees of the event received free, no strings-attached financial advice from professional financial planners who chose to volunteer their time and expertise for the special day. Jennifer Hicks, Financial Planner in our San Francisco office, has attended five Financial Planning Day events in San Francisco and served as the chairwoman of this year’s event. When asked why Financial Planning Day is so important, Jen said,

“Every minute, hour, day, or year you choose to avoid your financial questions or savings is literally a costly decision. By addressing your concerns with a professional early, you can either be growing the savings you’ve diligently put aside or ensuring that you have the necessary protection in case of emergencies, which can save you bundles down the road. Professionals exist because each of us have our specialties, and it is impossible to know everything about everything! I don’t know what I don’t know about cars … so I go to a mechanic. I don’t know what I don’t know about being sick … so I go to a doctor. You don’t know what you don’t know about financial planning … so come see a financial planner at Financial Planning Day! “

JH Chairwoman of FP Day FP Day SF


This year, the event drew an incredible 340 attendees who were assisted by 44 CFP® volunteers. As a committee member, Jen had the opportunity to work closely with many of the financial professionals and affectionately described them as, “people who love to give back and truly believe in the benefits of helping others plan for their future. They’ve committed their lives to financial planning in order to make a living, but are happy and excited to spend a day doing what they love for others who aren’t able to pay them back.” In addition to Jen’s participation, two of our Financial Planning Residents in San Francisco, Russell Kroeger and Sabina Smailhodzic, volunteered for the event. Russell felt a similar appreciation for the volunteers, saying, “It was great to see the number and caliber of planners who volunteered to provide advice. I am encouraged by the passionate interactions I observed between the volunteers and attendees.”

RK and SS at FP Day JH and an attendee


Sabina shared one of her most memorable experiences with us which exemplifies exactly why we feel so strongly about events like Financial Planning Day and sharing pro-bono financial planning with as many individuals as possible,

“I had the opportunity to shadow a financial planner providing free, no strings-attached advice to an attendee. The attendee was an example of why financial literacy is so important! She and her husband earn approximately $30,000 per year and she has a $150,000 student loan with a 9% interest rate that she is not paying towards. She sat in silence for a few moments after the financial planner told her how much the loan balance is growing each year that she defers payments. She finally broke the silence by telling us that she wishes someone had explained to her how a student loan works prior to enrolling in higher education. So do we!”

JH and Committee Allstars Classroom at FP Days



Give Big: Yeske Buie’s Efforts Continue to Impact Local Communities

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As we’ve shared before, one of Yeske Buie’s defined core values is our commitment to sharing our time, our intellect, and our resources. Accordingly, the team volunteers on a quarterly basis, at minimum, as part of our Give Big initiative to make a difference in our local communities. As time has passed, both teams have identified their favorite organizations on their respective coasts and the team’s most recent Give Big efforts took them back to these organizations: Food for Others in Virginia and SF-Marin Food Bank in San Francisco.

Below we share several pictures of our teams in action! At Food for Others, our team members helped unload a donation of 1,000 power pack lunches for schools, crate and bag fresh, crisp apples for distribution, and pack grocery bags for those in need. In San Francisco, Sabina and Jen both volunteered at SF-Marin Food Bank by packing grocery boxes on their efficient conveyor line, boxing fruit, and bagging rice, pasta, and beans. Finally, our newest Resident Financial Planners volunteered for California Coast Commission’s Coastal Clean Up Day by spending the morning scouring Aquatic Park and the surrounding area for trash. Every year on the third Saturday in September, people join together at sites all over California to take part in the state’s largest volunteer event. In 2014, nearly 67,000 volunteers removed more than 1,190,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from California’s beaches, lakes, and waterways. Stay tuned to future Digests to see more from our next Give Big efforts.

LG and KC Unloading a Donation

Lauren G. and Kyle help unload a donation of 1,000 Power Pack Lunches for schools.

LG CE KC Bagging Apples - Copy

Lauren G., Cristin, and Kyle help bag fresh, crisp apples for distribution.


KC and DW Crating Apples

Yeske Buie’s Fall Interns, Desiree and Kyle, helped crate apples to keep them fresh for distribution.

DW LV VH Smiling

Desiree, Lauren V., and Victoria packed grocery bags with milk and pasta.


LV CE LG DW VH KC Group Photo 1

The Yeske Buie East Coast is all smiles at the end of their time volunteering with Food for Others. (Left to Right: Lauren V., Cristin, Lauren G., Desiree, Victoria, and Kyle)


2015-09-19 SS GiveBig SF Marin Food Bank with Julie - Conveyor Line

The conveyor line at the SF-Marin Food Bank where Sabina helped box groceries.

2015-09-19 SS GiveBig SF Marin Food Bank with Julie - Selfie

Sabina and her friend volunteered together at the SF-Marin Food Bank.



The Yeske Buie West Coast Team greatly enjoyed their time volunteering with California Coastal Commission’s Coastal Clean Up Day. (Left to Right: Cody’s wife Sha’Nel, Cody, Russell’s girlfriend Paola, Russell, Dorothy, and Camille)


JH and the Novemeber Project at SF Marin Food Bank

And when schedules don’t align, our West Coast office finds more companions to Give Big with. We know that giving big is not limited within Yeske Buie, but instead a common component of the communities within which we live. Jen volunteered at the SF-Marin Food Bank with the November Project. Can you find Jen in this picture?


Give Big: Yeske Buie West Coast Helps the SF-Marin Food Bank

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Over the past few weeks, the Yeske Buie West Coast office has been volunteering with the SF-Marin Food Bank as part of our Give Big initiative. The SF-Marin Food Bank distributes over 105,000 meals on a daily basis and distributed over 45 million pounds of food in 2014.

On several different days, our team members tackled a variety of projects to help make a difference in their community. Sabina and Russell took on the task of sorting through donated plums and boxing the plums that were high enough quality to distribute, while the unfit plums were sent to local farms for pig feed. During their time there, they helped box 7,500 pounds of plums to be sent to the food bank’s +450 community partners for distribution into the community. Additionally, Jen Hicks and our summer interns Aviv Florenthal and Taylor Agostino, worked together to box 30,000 pounds of carrots to be sent to various food pantries throughout the San Francisco area. After almost three hours of work, every last carrot was packed and ready to be shipped off to its final destination. Finally, Dorothy helped put together grocery bags for delivery that contained one pound of rice, one pound of pasta, one pound of oatmeal, four packs of low-fat milk, orange, carrots, bananas, and one loaf of bread.

Knowing that all of their work would go directly towards feeding those in need was a rewarding experience for all of our team members, who enjoy volunteering with the SF-Marin Food Bank regularly. For our summer interns, this was their first experience volunteering in San Francisco or with the Food Bank. We asked our interns to share what they enjoyed most about the opportunity to give back to San Francisco and to volunteer with Yeske Buie:

One aspect of San Francisco that can be difficult at times is seeing many people who are less fortunate and not being able to help. What I enjoyed most about volunteering with Yeske Buie at the SF-Marin Food Bank was that all of our work was helping to provide food to those in need. It feels great knowing that I was able to give back to the community and that someone will directly benefit from my efforts.  – Aviv Florenthal

It’s very easy to get inspired about a cause you truly care about, and is so gratifying to see the direct impact you make. We all as humans, rich or poor, take from society and the world around us – so it is important that we must give back. Yeske Buie makes continuous efforts to build a better community and provide a higher quality of life for all. It was very moving to see an entire company come together, outside of work, for one sole purpose – to make someone else’s life better. – Taylor Agostino

SS and RK SF-Marin Food Bank

Sabina and Russell after the event in front of the plums that they sorted through.

SS and RK SF-Marin Food Bank Plums

Some of the “bad” plums that will be used as pig feed.

Food Bank 6

Aviv among the crates of carrots to be sorted.

Food Bank 3

Taylor and Jen sorting through 30,000 pounds of carrots.

Food Bank 9

Taylor and Aviv enjoying their first Give Big event with Yeske Buie.


Aviv, Jen, and Taylor are still smiling after completing their task.

The SF-Marin Food Bank.


A shot of some of the grocery bags that Dorothy helped package for distribution.

Give Big: Yeske Buie East Coast Helps Prepare Food for Others

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Last week, our team members in the east coast office volunteered with a local group, Food for Others. Their mission is simple – to distribute free food to our neighbors in need – but their impact is beyond impressive. Food for Others serves 400-600 families every day Monday through Friday in the Northern Virginia area. In 2014, they distributed over 2.2 million pounds of free food with a donation value of $3,718,000. They distribute the free food through both warehouse services and neighborhood sites – the only question asked is, “How many people will be sharing this food?”

Our team contributed to the mission by packaging grocery bags and boxed goods for distribution to people in need in Northern Virginia. While the team has participated with a variety of impactful organizations, Yusuf noted that this was his favorite Give Big activity and Lauren G. said “There is something very humbling and powerful about helping the hungry in our own back yard. I want to get more involved with them!”

The team plans to volunteer with Food for Others again and the organization provides lots of opportunities to do so. In addition to the warehouse volunteering, Food for Others has an inspirational Power Pack Program which was created to provide elementary-school children with a food pack for the weekend. The packs contain breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and drink items and are given to students at high risk of food insecurity on the weekends to ensure they have more nutrition and less worry about where their next meal will come from. The team plans to participate in this program in the coming months so stay tuned to our Digest to see how we work to make a difference in our community.


Group Pic 2

Yusuf, Cristin, Lauren V, Lauren G, and Victoria at Food for Others.

We Filled This Crate in an Hour

Our team filled this cage with grocery bags in less than an hour!

LV & CE 1

Lauren V and Cristin packaging grocery bags.

VH Working

Victoria started the assembly line by preparing the double bags.

Team at Work

Lauren G and Yusuf near the end of the assembly line, placing the bags in the cage.

YA Working 1

Yusuf finishes the bags and they are ready for distribution.

Our Hard Work!

The team filled three cages and hundreds of bags for distribution to local families in need.

Food for Others

Much of the food donated to Food for Others comes from local grocery stores who planned to throw away the food.

Give Big: Yeske Buie Volunteer Events

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One of Yeske Buie’s defined core values is our desire to willingly and selflessly share our time, our intellect, and our resources. In the past week, various Yeske Buie team members have volunteered with different foundations as a part of Yeske Buie’s Give Big initiative.

Last Saturday, Jen Hicks, Russell Kroeger, and Victoria Harrell all volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco at their Park Beautification event at Hilltop Park. The purpose of this project is to rejuvenate the park to make it a center for the neighborhood to enjoy and spend time outside. Before the park has contractors come in a build up the park, they are taking advantage of the volunteered labor to do the clean-up work. Our Yeske Buie team members helped pick up trash, edge the sidewalks, pull the weeds from the mulch, and dig up invasive plants to make room for new, native plants to be planted.

While getting their hands dirty and enjoying the trees and grass over the city is fun, our team members each enjoyed the experience for different reasons:

“My favorite part about cleaning up the park was working alongside Diane, a member of the community who is directly impacted by the work we were doing, and she was a lot of fun with a great personality! Several organizations have come together to renovate and upgrade the park in an effort to build and sustain the community through a clean, safe, engaging, functional place to go that also encourages healthy recreational activities.” – Jen Hicks

“The park we helped rebuild is in the middle of a neighborhood that is beginning to recover from gang activity and other adversity it has been struggling with since the mid-1990s. Having the opportunity to work next to and hear stories from members of the community was a humbling experience. It was encouraging to see the gratitude shared by those directly benefited by the work.” – Russell Kroeger

RK VH and JH at the park

Russell, Jen, and Victoria at the park.

Habitat for Humanity

Learning about the Park Beautification event.

VH RK and JH at Twin Peaks

Victoria, Russell and Jen at Twin Peaks

JH won a hat

Jen enjoying volunteering.

The next day, several team members on the east coast, Cristin Etheredge, Lauren Grove, Lauren Vitt, and Anthony Castaldi volunteered with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation at one of their Pet Adoption events. The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation rescues abandoned or displaced dogs and cats from the threat of euthanasia in over-crowded shelters or other at-risk situations and places them for adoption into loving homes. Our volunteers each spent time with several dogs playing with them, learning more about them, and trying to find them a new, forever home. The experience touched each of our team members differently:

“I realized I was helping Lost Dog and Cat Rescue make a difference when I saw multiple dogs going home with their new families – I swear the dogs had smiles on their faces. I also got to tell a few pet owners about Lost Dog and Cat Rescue and their efforts and successes (43 dogs and cats found homes this weekend alone!).” – Lauren Grove

“The smiles on people’s faces as they saw and played with dogs will always resonate with me. It proved to me the time there was not only meaningful to the dogs but helped create joy in the lives of the families.” – Anthony Castaldi

EC Lost Dog Volunteering

Cristin, Anthony, Lauren G. and Lauren V. at the Pet Adoption Event

LG and Ovie

Lauren G. with Ovie

LV and AC with dogs

Anthony and Lauren V. with dogs.

LV with Homero

Lauren V. with her dog, Homero

AC with Bart

Anthony with Bart

LV, LG and AC with Dogs

Lauren G., Lauren V., and Anthony at the Pet Adoption event.

And last night, Sabina Smailhodzic and Dorothy Navales volunteered their time at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Here they are helping to package 2,700 pounds of oatmeal.image



YeBu East Coast Gives Big at DC Central Kitchen

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This past Wednesday, our staff on the east coast volunteered at DC Central Kitchen’s Evening Meal Prep event. DC Central Kitchen is America’s leader in reducing hunger with recycled food, training unemployed adults for culinary careers, serving healthy school meals, and rebuilding urban food systems through social enterprise. The Kitchen is located right on the edge of Capitol Hill in the basement of the Federal City Shelter, the largest shelter in the country. The team helped DC Central Kitchen’s staff transform 3,000 pounds of donated food into 5,000 balanced meals to be distributed at little or not cost to nearly 90 nearby homeless shelters, transitional homes, and non-profit organizations. The team approached the evening with a great attitude and a willingness to work and had a very productive and rewarding experience.

DC Central Kitchen

Cristin, Lauren V., Lauren G., and Yusuf at DC Central Kitchen

CE, LV, and LG (2)

Cristin, Lauren V., and Lauren G. ready to start the meal prep.

LG, YA, and LV (2)

Lauren G., Yusuf, and Lauren V. in the Kitchen.

Peeling Potatoes

The potato peeling station.

DC Central Kitchen Mission

DC Central Kitchen

Laurens Peeling Carrots

Lauren G. and Lauren V. on carrot peeling duty.

Yusuf Cooking Chickens

Yusuf was responsible for cooking 500 pieces of chicken.

LG Peeling Carrots

Lauren G. at the carrot peeling station.

Cristin in the Kitchen

Cristin helping out with the canned goods.

YeBu East Coast Volunteering

The East Coast team is still smiling after all their hard work.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson